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D-2 Icescream Sandwich 7" Tablet from Big Lots, made in chinaHELP

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  1. Kellyjo19

    Kellyjo19 Member

    I bought this tablet for $79.00, I installed a few things before I purchased the 16gig sdmicro. I plugged in the SD card and started downloading and installing my app went and moved all to the SD card in settings.
    I have the LG 4g phone, ( my understanding it is the gingerbread). I have apps that I wanted to add to the tablet. Copied these files to the SD card. My tablet is not reading the card. Only when I go File Manager do I see the file. The SD card that is in settings must be the internal memory, possibly even partitioned, not sure. As far as I know there is no place to map this that I can see. Also I had downloaded a unlock root file, I think you call it from my favorite android forum, Phandroid for my phone and never used it.
    Can I install it on the tablet? The same file, or do I need a different one. I am new to all of this so not sure what to do here. Also need google play. :confused: Please help, thank you

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Moved your post into General Tablet Talk which is more appropriate for this. Thanks for your understanding. :)

    "made in chinaHELP"..... I know how you feel sometimes.;)

    I believe the D2 is a budget Chinese device produced by some unknown manufacturer. Thing is, often trying to root devices of this kind is frequently an unknown factor. Basically because there is just little or no information at all. It may work, it may not work, there's even a very real risk of bricking it, rendering it unusable. What worked for rooting an LG phone, may not work for this.
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  3. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    For an off brand the D2 Pad is a pretty decent tablet. Just don't expect an ipad or Nexus as far as performance goes. These things come pre-rooted, although to take advantage of it, you need to install two apps from the 1Mobile Market which comes on these devices. First, install SuperSU and launch it, say yes to the prompt to update the SU binary. When this is done, download Voltage Control. This app will allow you to set a fixed speed (set both the minimum and maximum speeds the same. ) as far as 1200 MHz which is 200 above the rated spec. Setting it higher will cause the app to crash so that is as fast as it gets.

    buy a case. The tablet is easily broken due to a rather large battery which is placed very close to a weak spot in the LCD. The slightest shock will shatter it. I lost one that way and found that out after disassembly.

    There is no known root recovery that i know of, so don't attempt to flash ROMs or stuff like that
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  4. Kellyjo19

    Kellyjo19 Member

    thank you so much
  5. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Anytime ;)

    I'm Kinda the off-brand guy, it can be annoying but I enjoy playing with them--then get a higher end later
  6. Kellyjo19

    Kellyjo19 Member

    thank you again,
    I couldn't get to this thead this weekend, so I downloaded 2sd app. I can get into the extsd now, but do not have the option of moving files to the extsd. The storage options are tablet and SD card, The sd card must be internal, it is only 1 g. Now this program like I said allows me to see the files, I can also move files, and cut and paste but I am like a nursery schooler with android, learning but barely. I don't know what files to move, or where the system files are located. Is there somewhere I can find this info out on a Generic Tablet.
    Thank you for your time I truly appreciate it.
  7. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    try installing Link2SD instead, it, too, is available from 1Mobile Market. (i think 1Mobile has all of Play Store's freebies from experience, not any missing as of yet that i know of) when asked to grant permissions do that. do not hit 'deny' by mistake! sometimes you need to reload since a delay in accepting root on program load causes it to think there is no root access and error out. then it gathers a list of your current apps installed and gives the option to install to SD card. now there is no actual SD buried into your device, what is reported as 'internal sd' is actually used as the partition for music and downloads, so use file manager (included) to browse the download folder--1Mobile has a couple of folders too where it saves APK files for downloaded/installed apps for backup i guess, and this fills up quickly, as there is only like 100MB accessible from this partition. when it fills up you will have 'download unsuccessful' alerts on the notification tray and 1Mobile's home page will appear blank when launched. Link2SD appears to work fine in my tries though, it does not see the partition only the internal and external.

    Link2SD is a pretty easy app to use. you click onto a app you downloaded (NOT one of the built-ins which came with it! those are installed as 'system apps' and cannot be moved--only apps you install yourself can be moved) and then click on 'move to sd card,' when it says 'certain apps cannot be moved' as a warning, click ok, and wait. and wait. it takes forever. eventually you should see 'the operation completed successfully' and click OK

    I advise also against any large games or apps. a lot of larger apps crash the device or cause it to go back to the animated 'Android' logo like it is rebooting itself. others will never open and give endless 'app is not responding do you want to close it?' pop-ups. the only large games i had working well are Pinball Arcade and Deer Hunter Challenge. the former only plays with ugly graphics, like a very low resolution with 'blurries', the latter actually plays well when overclocked to 1200MHz

    i recommend installing Dolphin Mini for a web browser--so far i've tried Boat, Chrome, stock, Opera, but Dolphin Mini (NOT the HD) was the fastest. at best this tablet is for books, rather smallish games like Angry Birds, and browsing the web. it is not a performer, the battery life is horrid, and it's fragile. it was meant, i think, given the selection of games and apps pre-installed, designed for kids. like a first tablet or a 'My First Android' type device. always play near an outlet. at best i have managed four hours tops with the wifi on, screen brightness all the way down, and sound muted. the box lists 5-6 hours which is stretching it. expect that only with the wireless internet switched off

    this tablet and other 'discount' bin tablets are not going to be your best introduction to Android. ever hear terms like 'Android Lag' or 'Android is so slow compared to iPhone??' these come from cheap tablets. Android is a great operating system--on the right device, but many see Android as a cheaper way out of using Apple products--however for any Android to perform you're going to pay. and close to the price of any Apple product similar. but Android runs best, and you're going to get a nicer intro to Android, on a more expensive product. this is Android's shortcoming. it is installed on the cheapest hardware no matter what, thus ruining its quality and reputation--as most phones/tablets running Android in public are at least 50% cheap discount bargains that hardly hold up under constant use. i think the term is 'fragmentation'. but if you want to learn Android and experience it properly, i highly advise on a Nexus 7--it's only priced $199 and is the best bet for your money at this point.

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