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D# problems and replacement options?Support

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  1. jimbo78255

    jimbo78255 Active Member

    Given full D3 warranty:

    When my D1 went south, I called and they sent me a D2 to replace it. That worked great and when IT went south, another D2 was excellent.

    Wife and I both have D3 - mine is locking, rebooting, and trudging slowly so much I am calling it in for warranty this week.

    Has anyone that called a warranty D3 had a D4 as an option or do you have other advise? I absolutely need GPS to work, not an option!

    Thanks for ANY advice!

  2. MicroNix

    MicroNix Well-Known Member

    I would completely wipe the device and then *do not sync* with Google when you initially go through the activation again. Do the four corner tap (upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left) and bypass signing into Google initally. Then setup the phone.

    See if that fixes your issues. There *are* issues with the D3 syncing your old settings from Google (wifi profiles are a biggie that come to mind). It is worth giving it a try before caving in for a new one.
  3. jimbo78255

    jimbo78255 Active Member

    Thanks. I will try that so I can understand it, but the replacement D3 is free covered by insurance/warranty. I travel often and just happen to have a decent window that I can do the swap pretty easily.
  4. droidian1441

    droidian1441 Well-Known Member

    You wont be able to get a D4 without a contract extension. Its a 4G device and I got tired dealing with the problems I had with my D3 and our purchased a Bionic.

    Since its a 4G device they wont do it without an extension.
  5. jimbo78255

    jimbo78255 Active Member

    Oh, great observation, had not thought about that. Well, They sent a replacement and it is better so far, hope the GPS works better than the previous. Road trip Friday, will know better after that.

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