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D2 real keyboard keys now perform functions after updateSupport

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  1. kirb

    kirb New Member

    Had the D2 setup just the way I liked it, then major update. Now some of my factory install Apps don't work (like contacts- WTF?)....anyway.

    The biggest problem is my keyboard is starting programs like the music player when I push 'P' and the browser when I push 'B' and so on. Makes typing an email or text a problem. It's almost like key macros.

    I turned off auto-correct on the keyboard and it started working OK..then back to being a problem after a few days. I pull the battery and reboot. It's fine for a few days or hours and then returns.

    Any suggestions? Where can I turn this 'feature' off for good?

  2. JDunc

    JDunc Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a hardware problem. Hopefully flashing back to SBF 2.3.2 and doing the OTA update again will fix it.
  3. Puppa

    Puppa Well-Known Member

    It ain't the hardware....go to the settings for the input device and find an item called "Keyboard Shortcuts". Delete them ALL. Wife had same trouble--stupid keyboard driver isn't aware that you're trying to type a message and will go to "gmail" as soon as you press "G", etc. That ought to take care of your problem.

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