D2G Account Setup without Data Service

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  1. Dcsouthgw

    Dcsouthgw New Member

    So I just had my first droid phone given to me. I have been a fan, but never owned one. I don't want to activate it with Verizon, because I have a cheap plan and cheap date with my non android phone. I want this one to just be a wifi only device.
    I can bypass the activation screen, but when I try to register this phone with my gmail, it tries to use the data connection that isn't on. I set up my wifi and can access the web on it, but I can't get it to use the wifi to activate the accounts and set up the sync. I have the data connections off and wifi on. Airplane mode isn't engaged. I have tried everything I can think of, but it still says it can't establish a reliable data connection. I did read something on google site that says devices should be able to setup and sync via wifi, but this isn't working.
    Please help...DC.

  2. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    you have engage airplane, then restart wifi
  3. Dcsouthgw

    Dcsouthgw New Member

    I just tried it with airplane mode engaged and it didn't work. I checked the wifi and it was on. I toggled data on and off...no good. I even tried it with background data on and off. Any other ideas?
  4. Dcsouthgw

    Dcsouthgw New Member

    So I figured it out. I had to log into my gmail acct in the android browser and then I was prompted to link it to the phone. Thanks for all of the help.

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