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[D505] Kitkat Rollout started Optimus F6General

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  1. Curuf1n

    Curuf1n Member

    As promised by LG and confirmed lately in these last days by the files on the opensource devsite, Today my LG D505 Optimus F6 received the waited Kitkat Update.
    The File was around the 595 MB OTA, the download was at my ADSL top speed @ 740 kb/sec .

    The installation Was in 2 phase, the first one faster then the second (i think that the first was the unpacking and checking routine, and the second one was for the rom + kernel itself. It tooks about 35-40 minutes in total.

    Suggest: Before the update starts, i suggest you to remove your root completely. I rooted my JB with Towelroot v3 then installed SuperSU, which i used to Full Unroot. If you don't, the 1st phase of the update will fail, forcing you to wipe and start the download all over again.

    I wiped out to start from a clean base once updated.
    My F6 was a no-brand, but comed out with some Vodafone Bloatware Apps. Some of the apps removable by LG in the JB version, such as QuickTranslate, are now unremovable.
    I tried again Towelroot v3 to try root then remove it myself, but it fails (Give a false positive root) updating the binary in SuperSU.
    Some Kitkat LG Features are missing, as the Knock Code and some others, but has still the double tap2wake.
    The Optimus UI is bad optimized, leaving a good portion of the bottom screen untouched (maybe LG forgot that we don't need softkeys?) and some application as LGEmail, Gallery and QuickRemote are the same identical as seen on Jelly Bean.

    I'm writing this because even if this is a different version, this is the most active forum on this device and some of you keep asking about features and UI in Kitkat for the Optimus F6, and i think that it's the same for all.

    As a new user i can't post Screens or Links. Maybe i can pass a shared folder link in GDrive with some screenshots to someone that can publish it via PM.

    Thanks for reading, and sorry for my poor english :(

    BUILD: KOT49I.D50520a
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0
    Software Version: D50520a-222-10

  2. rolgar20

    rolgar20 Well-Known Member

    Cooooool!! Pm the folder so I can posy the screenshots:) how about the status bar and the lock screen? Are they optimized with music control and stuff?
  3. giovannye

    giovannye Well-Known Member

    I think the space on the bottom is for swiping up for google now, quick memo, and lg voice mate?
  4. Curuf1n

    Curuf1n Member

    Check your inbox sir :) and yep, the systemUI is optimized better than jb. QSlide apps and Qremote can be totally hidden and the music control are swipable even in the lockscreen.
    There are also improvement in the clipboard to copy/paste multiple things at time.

    Nope Sir, the space disappear in 5 icon in dock mode and appear when 6 icons.
    For the gesture, it works system wide even with 3rd part launcher
  5. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips Well-Known Member

    Does it still have the lg ui or does it actually look like kitkat?
  6. Curuf1n

    Curuf1n Member

    I think that is a mixed thing... the SystemUI Collapsed is totally transparent as Kitkat. In other parts of the system, the UI is exactly the same as in JB unfortunately...

    PS: Check you inbox too for the screenshots link sir! :)
    Trevor Philips likes this.
  7. prbtto

    prbtto New Member

    Has anyone rooted succesfully the 4.4?
  8. johnsan1234

    johnsan1234 Well-Known Member

    That's amazing!!! May I see screen shots?? Does this kitkat come with full album artwork on the lock screen??
  9. bryanvazquez2

    bryanvazquez2 Well-Known Member

    YESSS! We'll finally see Kit Kat soon.
    May I also see some screenshots? :confused: :D
  10. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    lol guys if u wanna see screenshots just look at how to G2 looks on Kitkat, i know the phones are no where close when it comes to specs but software wise its literally identical.
  11. rolgar20

    rolgar20 Well-Known Member

    Can you try downloading google play music and see if the music controls appear on the locksvreen? :D
  12. Curuf1n

    Curuf1n Member

    I already gave the Links to the one i wrote about, asking them to paste it here but they didn't. Here there are the screenshots:

    With stock Music app from LG the lockscreen command works, as the album art is displayed correctly in the Lockscreen. Google Play Music is already present, seems to work too i'm not sure. You can see it in the Screenshots.

    Sir i'm not 100% sure about that. The G2 Kitkat includes features derived from the hardware anyway, but the system software including phoneUI, dialUI, systemUI, settings and others are different from the G2 ... well not so much, but still different. The network name is showed on top for example, but here there isn't ...
  13. rolgar20

    rolgar20 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't post screenshots because it doesn't let me download them :(
  14. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    It's all the same, when you've been studying the system and decompiling everything possible for years like i have, you come to find out some things are just hidden;).
    For example, the the G2 has an extra notification toogle that allows you to select the screen timeout second and a bunch of other stuff that we dont have. Pretty much all LG phones on 4.1.2 or above have that feature. It might not be enabled on each device but its there, just gotta enable it which i did for the F7 since it wasnt enabled on stock. If we do get KK, at least for the F7 im gonna go crazy enabling crap that they disabled such as splitwindow, slide aside etc. LG has their UI in one source, the frameworks and apps aren't different when it comes to each phone, they are exactly the same. LG just disables whatever they want to disable for whatever reason they have. Now the source that LG built our phones upon is way outdated when compared to their latest source. I cant enable slide aside and splitwindow yet because those were features LG added in their 4.2.2 source and up, we are still below that android version. See where im going with this?? Once we get KK almost all the features that the G2 has can be enabled on any other LG device running KK. Its just a matter of hardware, whether or not it can support it. Like knock code cannot be enabled if our device gets KK because thats more of a kernel feature than a system feature. Our Kernel Sources are different which is why we cant get knockcode working, i mean we can but good luck with that one lol. Our System/Framework Sources are the same which is why you can enable some features in apps and everything system wise that LG disabled.
  15. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Well-Known Member

    How about G2/G3 QRemote? can it be enabled on F6? F6 QRemote is quite limited.
  16. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    You guys have a IR Blaster?
  17. rolgar20

    rolgar20 Well-Known Member

    Ywa we do lol only for TV and cable boxes tho....
  18. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Well what exactly does the G2/3 has that the F6 doesn't when it comes to the IR Blaster?
  19. rolgar20

    rolgar20 Well-Known Member

    Well my complain is that is ugly lol idk why he wants it I don't know if g2 version works with ac and Xbox like the HTC one did, but I really hate it cuz its ugly
  20. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    The f6 remote doesn't look that bad to me, just sucks you can't use 3rd party remote apps for more access codes to other brands and devices.

  21. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips Well-Known Member

    Is there a kdz anywhere with the kitkat update?
  22. jokerpks

    jokerpks Well-Known Member

    Anyone willing to take the risk can change the model to LGD505 and update on PC through the software. You should be able to restore back to 12b through the kdz. The two differences hardware wise are more storage and 8MP camera so maybe idk.

    Edit: Oh and the previous software version which someone would have to look up.
  23. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    lol you do it:D:p

    No seriously dont, its always a bad idea to flash things that werent intended for your phone regardless of how close/identical the phones are. If the bootloader is different and you flash it and your phone doesnt boot you're screwed:) unless u can still enter download mode of course. BTW does the kdz even have the bootloader partition in it?
  24. jokerpks

    jokerpks Well-Known Member

    Hmm I'm not even sure about that I'll check tomorrow gotta go knock out for work in the morning. I never tried cracking open a kdz. I wonder if LG extractor will work for our device.

    chevanlol360 likes this.
  25. bryanvazquez2

    bryanvazquez2 Well-Known Member

    Opening a KDZ with LGExtractor wont give you files like ROM por anything close to it. It usually gives out the baseband and some other file which inside it has files that can't be extracted.

    There was a project going on for an Extractor that would take out the boot images and such, but it was never completed from what I remember.

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