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    Title: DaftPad
    Genre: Music game
    Description: It's a simulator of music pad for most known single of Daft Punk - "Harder Better Faster Stronger". In free version we can only play on pad but in pro version there will be a guitar hero like game (it will be ready in a couple of days). I wrote all app on my phone (android have a tools to doing that). Please make a test and tell me how it works for you guys . It's my first android app :)
    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7ul5yri6z92gfp/DaftPad.apk?dl=1
    File size: 3 MB
    Programming: Patryk 'PsichiX' Budzyński
    Graphics: Luiza 'Szarri' Maciocha
    Musics: daft punk fanclub forum


    DaftPad - Short play - YouTube

  2. PsichiX

    PsichiX New Member

  3. bones420la

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    Perfect. I loved "godaft" on windows mobile. Takes me back to memories of my first smartphone.. good job
  4. Complexstrateg

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    Cool great song but I think you should add more like technologic satisfaction or around the world

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