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Damaged SD card after upgrade to 2.3.3Support

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  1. beorp

    beorp New Member

    I finally upgraded my Rogers SGS to 2.3.3 a couple of weeks ago and almost immediately after I got a message that my SD card was damaged. The SD card still functioned fine in my computer so I backed everything up, formated the card again, restored my files, and then thought I was good to go. Sure enough, it happened again a couple of days later.

    Is there any chance that the upgraded firmware had something to do with this? I have searched and don't see anything about known issues with this.

    Or was it a bad idea to restore everything since that could have put something corrupt back on the card? (That sounds like a real noob question, sorry)

    Or is there a chance that the card really is damaged even though it works fine in devices other than my SGS? If this were the case then is the card basically garbage?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!

  2. beorp

    beorp New Member

    Bump... I appreciate any thoughts, even if it is just to say that it is probably a coincidence and I should just get a new SD card!

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