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  1. lacoste_rocker

    lacoste_rocker Well-Known Member

    All I can say is damn, My phone fell out of my pocket today and the screen shattered. Luckily I bought it at bestbuy and bought the warranty on it. So I took it in and gave it to them. They gave me some shitty replacement phone and mailed mine off. I HAVE TO WAIT 3 WEEKS TO GET MY PHONE BACK!!!! I haven't had my but only 1 week and 3 days. I love my Aria but damn is it fragile.

    I do have one one question, I have always wanted a Nexus One is that phone better than the aria and is there any way to put HTC sense on it?
    If so to both then I will probably buy one unlocked.

  2. ls377

    ls377 Active Member

    Yes to the Nexus One question, if you want to root. Head over to XDA, there's probably a ton of ROMS with Sense for the Nexus.
  3. jerkyboy

    jerkyboy Well-Known Member

    Did you have a case on the phone, how far was the fall, and was it a direct hit to the screen?
  4. lacoste_rocker

    lacoste_rocker Well-Known Member

    No to the case (I have learned my lesson I WILL buy one the day I get my case.)
    I was laying in my in my girlfriends lap on the top bleachers at my rec department so a good 7ft it's taller than me (I'm 6"1), right on the screen... on concrete. It completely shattered my screen and knocked the battery out I mean it was ****ed.

    Can you recommend a good case, I wish otterbox made a case for the Aria I had one for my Iphone those things are tanks.

    Hopefully I will get my phone back this week or next Wednesday.
  5. Phinsfan65

    Phinsfan65 Member

  6. lacoste_rocker

    lacoste_rocker Well-Known Member

    I was looking for something that goes on the phone like a hard case or a rubber one. I don't really care what it is as long as it protects the phone. But I have found a few, that i think might be alright for it.
  7. Daedalus

    Daedalus Well-Known Member

    My GF did the same thing to her phone... she went out and bought 2 new hard cases just to quit hearing me say "I told you so"
  8. jerkyboy

    jerkyboy Well-Known Member

    Here is the link to the same question I asked. http://androidforums.com/htc-aria/206718-actual-experience-case-saving-your-phone.html I ended up getting the one that was recommended. I have had it on the phone for a couple of weeks now and it seems pretty sturdy and not too obtrusive. The screen protector is kind of crappy but I've kept it on figuring it will help to keep my screen from getting scratched. For $4 it's a good bet.

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