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Dark Android Blue (Blue Droid) for Liberty 1.0

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  1. GregTard

    GregTard Well-Known Member

    Dark Android Blue (Blue Droid) for Liberty 1.0

    Dark Android Blue (Blue Droid) is a very detailed dark theme with blue highlights for Liberty 1.0.

    The following system apps are themed in this version:
    1. Google Search Box
    2. Contacts
    3. Dialer
    4. News Widget
    5. Settings
    6. Power Widget
    7. Browser
    8. Galleries
    9. Photo Widgets
    10. Gingerbread Keyboard
    11. MotoTorch Widget
    12. Ringer Widget

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you would like to see Dark Android ported to another ROM, I gladly accept requests and I will see if I or someone else can do so in a reasonable amount of time. If you would like to test or help in development, please email me at daDesigns@mpmitchell.com.

    As always, I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone and all mods, including this theme and all others, have the possibility of damaging your phone. I will do my best to support my theme and assist with any errors that may be caused by this theme. Please read all instructions and entire thread before installing. Important information can be within the thread in user posts. Please remember that I do this as a hobby after my full time job so please allow adequate time for me to respond to a question or issue.

    To install Dark Android, download the package and follow the below instructions:
    You should always backup your system before installing any ROM or theme.
    • Copy DarkAndroid.zip to your sdcard
    • Reboot into Bootstrap Recovery
    • Install zip from sdcard
    • Choose zip
    • Browse and select zip
    • Install zip
    • When complete, use back button or power button to back up
    • Reboot phone

    There is also a goodies pack that contains lots of icons, wallpapers, LP docks, and alternate fonts. To use the extra content in the goodies pack, download them into a folder on your sdcard.
    • The goodies pack should be extracted onto you sdcard
    • The icons can be applied using Launcher Pro, Desktop Visualizer, Folder Organizer, or one of the many other choices for icon customization.
    • The docks can be used with Launcher Pro.
    • The fonts are in flashable zips so once extracted, they can be flashed.
    • Of course, the wallpapers are applied the normal way using the gallery selection or other tool.

    For more information about how to use Launcher Pro to modify your dock and icons, check out their user guide here.

    Download Links
    Dark Android Blue for Liberty 1.0

    Launcher Pro 0.8.3
    Google Voice
    Black/White Swype Keyboard
    Goodies Pack
    Widget Locker - Clear (Slider icons still visible until I can update it)
    Widget Locker - Normal
    Widget Locker Wallpapers

    To use the Widget Locker skins, download the zip file and extract it to an empty directory on your computer. Review the ReadMe.txt file in the extracted files for instructions on applying the skin. If you have any issues, please post your question to the thread or PM me. Please do not ask "How do I apply the Widget Locker skin?" before reading the ReadMe.txt in the zip file. I will direct you to read it and then come back and ask a specific question.

    If you like my work and want to help me continue my work... please donate.


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  2. cultldr

    cultldr Well-Known Member

    I'm going to need more phones! Nice job! :)
  3. eraursls1984

    eraursls1984 Well-Known Member

    I take it by this image that you are going to be doing a red? These themes look great, you should start a thread with all the different versions for all the different roms with links, I know you have a lot of them
  4. GregTard

    GregTard Well-Known Member

    I have a red version for GummyJAR and RubiX. Honestly, it didn't do too well. I think I had like 4 downloads across both so I may not continue with it. Too much time for 4 people. I don't mind a one off for an app, but a whole theme is rough.
  5. eraursls1984

    eraursls1984 Well-Known Member

    That's probably because most people jumped ship to liberty, so far the only good red theme I found was BigDX serenity that I used on ApeX. I haven't even seen your red theme but if it looks nearly as good as the blue and green I'd love it
  6. GregTard

    GregTard Well-Known Member

    I still get 50-60 downloads per day for Gummy, Tranq, and RubiX. Liberty has been about double those the past week or so. Maybe I'll try again with it. You can check it out on my site here. It isn't as complete as the blue and green since I didn't want to put as much time in on it unless it was well received, but it is the same mods (just red).
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  7. eraursls1984

    eraursls1984 Well-Known Member

    You should do a poll to see if there is any interest before doing all the work, I want a red one but I have plenty to hold me over if I don't get.
  8. Xeneize480

    Xeneize480 Well-Known Member

    I love itttttttt =)
  9. GregTard

    GregTard Well-Known Member

    I already had the images and nothing to do until new versions come out. I got it put together, but still need to test. Once I hear back from my testers, I will post it. Probably will be in the morning.
  10. GregTard

    GregTard Well-Known Member

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