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Dark spots on my screen?Support

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  1. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    In the first week of June I got my Droid Razr and on the way home noticed dark lines and spots on the screen. They are really noticeable on a solid black screen.

    I gave it a chance to resolve itself thinking perhaps the phone was just turned on and yadda yadda but after almost two months they are there.

    It's not a huge deal but on a solid color you can notice these imperfections. Not sure what I can even do about it either. And ideas or heard of similar issues?

  2. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Its common because of the glue used on the screen. You won't find a phone that doesn't have them, and verizon won't replace it because of them.
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  3. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    That's not true. My buddy has a Razr and his looks great. Couldn't find a single flaw on the screen. Also I checked out a friend's Galaxy Note and her screen was perfect.

    Verizon is sending me a new Razr as we speak. So you were incorrect on both points. No offense of course.
  4. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Well they wouldn't replace mine for that reason. And when I got it replaced for a different reason my new one had it also, it didn't at first but now I can see them. Still not as bad as it was. Chances are your new phone will have it. It's not a defect though.
  5. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    It's not happening on some other types of phones though. It's very annoying to be on a white screen with a hundred lines going through it.

    They also told me the phone they are sending is stock ICS. Not sure if that's good or bad yet.
  6. justinf89

    justinf89 Well-Known Member

    Yea mine has plenty of dark spots on a black screen. I can also make out some stuck pixels although they are extremely small. I counted 9 but some are very faded.
  7. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't be able to see them on a white screen, if you do then it's something else. The best way to check your screen is to open the camera, turn it to the front and out your finger over the lens so it's pitch black
  8. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    I see something different on a white screen. At an angle I see stripes going down the screen when it's landscaped. When it's black there's spots and uneven lines going down the screen vertically.
  9. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Actually, he is quite correct on both points (mostly).

    This is known issue that Motorola has acknowledged. Regardless of my thoughts on the matter, they claim this to be "normal" as part of the manufacturing process. Not all phones/screens have this as all are developed and produced differently. Comparing this to the Note would, of course, yield different results. It sounds like your buddy got the ONE that doesn't have the issue.

    That's awesome that VZW is sending a replacement. Unfortunately, it probably won't fix the "issue" (although I truly hope it does). You lucked out and got someone who was unfamiliar with the issue. ;)

    However, seeing then on a white screen is definitely NOT normal!!!
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  10. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    Link me to Moto knowing of the issue. Google results nothing relative.

    Also I'm sure my buddy doesn't have the ONE without the issue. That's just silly. Anyhow now I wonder if this is just a normal thing now considering I'm new to his tech.

    None of you guys have any faint lines even if barely noticeable on a white screen?
  11. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    If they are barely noticeable then I'm pretty sure you're being nick picky, but no I don't have any I can see. But your original post and what you're saying now are two different things, the dark black spots on a black screen are part of OLED screen technology.

    It's been well documented on many forums, and when I called verizon about it, they told me it was normal for the screen type because of the glue process and wouldn't send me a replacement.
  12. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    You are referring to the ones that look (loosely) like this, right?


    Unfortunately, I cannot seem to be able to link to the direct page.... :(
  13. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    Yeah I found that thread. Motorola acting like this is not an issue or defect. This will be the last Moto anything I ever spend my money on. What a pathetic company to say the things they have said
    Zero care for the customers.
  14. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    If it were a defect it wouldn't be on almost every screen.
    It doesn't effect use. So no, it's not a defect.
  15. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Well, it doesn't sound like anything we can say will change anything... but they can't change what is considered normal from manufacturing standpoint.

    As consumers, it's up to us to research what we are buying and return it in a timely fashion if we are not satisfied with it.
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  16. breynolds007

    breynolds007 Well-Known Member

    Had the same thing on my Galaxy Nexus before...it was actually much more noticeable so doesn't bother me in the slightest now.
  17. arparaspolo

    arparaspolo Well-Known Member

    I have exchanged my MAXX for a L.N.R.D. because of the screen. Twice I think. I return my device for any reason at all. If I am not 100% satisfied, back it goes(after getting my refurb'd device that is) I pay out the A for my service. Better believe I am going to be satisfied lol.
  18. waynerbacks

    waynerbacks Active Member

    Not sure what an lnrd stands for but I agree with you.
  19. Grey1001

    Grey1001 Well-Known Member

    my guess

    Like New Refurbished Device
  20. Goirish3

    Goirish3 Member

    Every RAZR I've seen has the spots,some worse than others. Even my buddies galaxy s2 has it.

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