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  1. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    even if I remove the SD card.

    This started roughly a week ago and has been the main battery usage item on 3 separate days. I've had the Note for months. I've deleted numerous apps, tried stopping Media service, have been scouring the internet for ideas. some folks say it's bad files on SD card (not my issue), issues with cached files from Google maps ( i cleared them).

    any other ideas? My wife's Note 2 doesn't show "Media" anywhere on the battery usage stats page.

  2. dwagner88

    dwagner88 Well-Known Member

    Do you listen to music during the day? Or videos? Doing either of these will cause media server battery consumption to be high.
  3. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    No. no. I didn't write "media server" I wrote "Media".
  4. dwagner88

    dwagner88 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I misread that. It has to be an app causing it to hang up. I don't even have that one on my battery list.
  5. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i've been deleting apps and stopping services--so many I can't keep track, other than if I had to, I could look at the disabled apps list. it's still doing it. I just got it charged to 100% with the phone ON and Media didn't show up. After a minute or two, I rebooted it and Media quickly rose to the top of the battery usage and now is at 68% with screen 19% with 6 minutes off of the charger. I hate the thought of resetting because of how long it takes to get things back to normal, but i'm running out of options after browsing all over the net looking for answers. people that resolved their issue claimed that different things fixed their's specifically but others would report that those fixes did them no good.
  6. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    Seems that whatever I did, including the reset, finally fixed the issue. last night, right after taking phone off charger, the Media process barely made a dent in battery usage and it dropped off to nothing in less than about 15 minutes. battery life back to normal.

    Today, Media didn't affect the battery at all. 1 hr 5 min off charger, and with phone calls, i am still at 97% battery!! whoopee!
  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Since you've done the reset it seems to me it was a rogue app causing you issues.
    Monitor that apps you put back on in the event this was the case; you'll know which one is causing the odd media behavior if it happens again.
  8. Samsmalls

    Samsmalls Well-Known Member

    Did youhave "Boat Browser" installed same issue happen to me tonight for the first time? I only have a few apps installed, & I've been using them since I got the phone. I installed Boat Browser yesterday now this today interesting...
  9. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    My problem remains fixed...by the reset that I mentioned some time ago, on this thread.
  10. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Download free GSam Battery Monitor - its the best way to trouble shoot who is sipping on your juice!!! A MUST have app!!!
  11. Samsmalls

    Samsmalls Well-Known Member

    I noticed a pattern I was able to duplicate it even on another Rom, however the media % dropped faster on 4.2.1. this occurs when the phone is charged completely to 100 then discharged...

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