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  1. aprivate

    aprivate New Member

    hi, I lost the IMEI to 000000000000000000
    during unsuccesfull unlock

    but i have backup of stl5 and bml5
    blm5 still present in dev/block/
    but no stl5
    i mean there is new autogenerated stl5 with
    imei 0000000000000 and unlock codes like 12345678

    when i copy my backed up stl5 to dev/block/
    it just appears like a file but not like mounted block device

    how can i mount it correctly as dev?



  2. t499user

    t499user Active Member

  3. ShawnnKushh

    ShawnnKushh Member

    i know that most mini ROMs arent cross compatible with the Samsung T-499(galaxy mini rebranded by T-mobile) but is there any work-around to get this compatible with the Dart? by flashing the beta here i did get it to boot, though i had no service from T-mobile and upon attempting to shut down the phone it simply rebooted continuously. the dart is surprisingly unsupported when it comes to anything regarding Roms and such, and i was wondering if we could change this. im not much of a developer but id be willing to help out any way needed to change this. i was considering starting a thread just for the dart to see what i could come up with.

    edit: the thread I started for the dart can be located here

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