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Data connection drop tethering with foxfiSupport

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  1. s_special

    s_special Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else experience a dropped data connection while using Foxfi wifi tethering App? It worked great up till a few weeks ago but now I find I have to restart the app for data transfer resume. Thanks for the help

    I have a galaxy s2 btw

  2. ams30gts

    ams30gts Well-Known Member

    Weird. I have been using it for some time now and have never had it disconnect.
  3. helpifIcan

    helpifIcan Well-Known Member

    Maybe try power down and restart of the phone and the TF, if you have not already tried.
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  4. ams30gts

    ams30gts Well-Known Member

    Been using FoxFi for some time now and have never had that issue.
  5. treelover3

    treelover3 Member

    I'm having this same problem with my AT&T Sam. Galaxy SII.
    I just downloaded Foxfi and I can connect my new Transformer TF300, but after less than a minute, Foxfi disconnects.
    When I look in the log on Juice Defender Ultimate on my SGSII, it says: "WARNING throttling data toggle".
    I've had Foxfi on my phone less than 24 hours.
    Does AT&T already know about this app on my phone?

    Any idea what I can do to resolve this?
    Any help is appreciated.
  6. treelover3

    treelover3 Member

    Got it figured out!
  7. helpifIcan

    helpifIcan Well-Known Member

    Maybe you could provide your solution it might help some one else.


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