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  1. JudyNC1950

    JudyNC1950 New Member

    I was working on setting up email and now I don't have a data/network connection. How do I get it connected again? How do you know if your device has a signal. If they are talking about phone, the answer is yes, 5 bars. Now what?

  2. jemprop

    jemprop New Member

    I have noticed mine will lose data connection randomly. I have checked battery usage and it shows without connection 50% of the time!! It shows 5 bars, but no phone, no texts!
  3. JudyNC1950

    JudyNC1950 New Member

    Yep. It came back on sometime in the wee morning. What gives? Where did you see connection 50% of the time?
  4. jemprop

    jemprop New Member

    Home screen, menu, settings, about phone, battery use, then hit CELL STANDBY, will show you time without a signal.. mine right now is at 60%!!!!
    Then to see if you are connected do the following:
    home screen, menu, settings, about phone, status,scroll down to MOBILE NETWORK STATE.. it will show if it is connected or not...

    When you notice there is no EV or 1X, check your connection.. it will show mobile network state as either connecting or not connected. FRUSTRATING
  5. Davii

    Davii Member

    Having the same problem. The Transform is my wife's phone and it is almost never connected to mobile network, always says connecting. I personally use an HTC Hero and it always has EV connection and works great.

    Anyone have any ideas what gives?
  6. speeder760

    speeder760 Well-Known Member

    Could b because you guys r picking up wifi
  7. Davii

    Davii Member

    I updated the profile, which I had done previously, and it seems to be working fine now. Hopefully it continues to work.

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