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  1. dirt813

    dirt813 Member

    my data connection will not work? The wifi works fine but the data connection will not come on.:confused: I stay in tampa but my sister phone works fine I know the 4g won't be till april but I still should have connection.I tried everything on the site to get it to work.I'm on wifi now posting this trend.any help wil be greatly peace to This indulge owner.

  2. ccnemrod

    ccnemrod Well-Known Member

    did u just get the phone today?? has the 1x data connection worked fine b4 today ??
  3. dirt813

    dirt813 Member

    Not has not work at all. I got the phone the first day it came out I call metro help desk they told me I have to wait till the 4g is on in the tampa.but that can't be right cause my sister phone work since she got it three days after me.I then took it to the main coperate store in tampa also and they could not find out why its not working I been checking the internet to solve the problem myself.
  4. Jessehesse133

    Jessehesse133 Well-Known Member

    I fixed mines down here in miami just now with a thread called prl... Look 4 it... I updated sid... It fixed it
  5. dirt813

    dirt813 Member

    I tried that and it didn't work either I notice that on her phone staus the min number is not the same as her phone number.I still trying to figure what's the problem on this phone.the mobile network status is always saying connecting but it won't connect.
  6. Go to your phones settings and in About Phone make sure it has your correct phone number.

    Then dial *228
    wait until it says something about updating roaming lists say that one.

    phone should restart, if not just hold the power button until it does.

    you say you got the phone the day it came out and have had this issue since then, i would have had them switch it out for a new one by now.
  7. qdOOd

    qdOOd Member

    I had a similar issue when I bought my ascend prior to upgrading to my indulge. Go to your dealer and make sure that they set you up with the proper plan for a SMART phone. My account was initially set up incorrectly and i could not get a data connection unless i used wifi. After metro fixed their error on my account i was fine.
  8. Jessehesse133

    Jessehesse133 Well-Known Member

    My data doesnt work either.... went to metro,,, they are getting me a replacement
  9. dirt813

    dirt813 Member

    Yeah I still have not solve this problem so I'm have them replace my phone also.:mad:
  10. Jessehesse133

    Jessehesse133 Well-Known Member

    did you get ur replacement already?
  11. dougcgrubbs

    dougcgrubbs New Member

    I live in St. Pete, and my reception is spotty at best. Call quality is fine, but I can't keep a data connection to save my life. The store says to just wait for 4g, and the help line just keeps "resetting" my phone, which fixes it for about an hour and then its back to this off/on crap. If it doesn't get better on the 1st, then I'm gonna have to do something drastic
  12. dirt813

    dirt813 Member

    No I didn't get a replacement just the run around to wait to the 1st of next month.
  13. RodsCafe

    RodsCafe New Member

    A Solution to the Samsung Indulge 4G Connection Problem: Phone tends to lose 4G/Data connection when you do a complete shut-down. Does not occur when turning off display. If phone has been turned off completely and powers up with no 4G connection, pull down message/updates (run finger from top of screen down) screen and put phone in AirPlane mode. Let indicator come up on display, and then take it out of AirPlane mode. After a few seconds, phone should scan for 4G/1XRtt.
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  14. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Make sure in the process Rodscafe suggested, to then after you power down to take out the battery completely. I even take my finger and press it on the metal prongs for about 30 seconds which discharges all electricity from any electronic device. That's how I practically fix all phones.
  15. gus4269

    gus4269 Member

    This works well, it seems to work like restarting a router would
  16. dirt813

    dirt813 Member

    Yesssss! My phone finally working since they fianlly have 4g in tampa.and the connection is real fast also.

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