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  1. ken481

    ken481 Active Member


    I am having problem with my internet (data) connection on my phone.

    What's happening is that i start using the internet connection with no problems then at one point i lose data connection - all other serviced work well - sms / calls.

    In order to get my data connection back i either have to restart phone or else go to flight mode and off flight mode again.

    Is anyone experiencing a similar problem?


  2. Mobileum

    Mobileum New Member

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  3. ken481

    ken481 Active Member

    Hi thanks for your reply - problem is that i do not have that app installed on my phone. So still stuck
  4. 2raaas

    2raaas Member

    im sorry to hijack your thread but i have a similar issue, when my s2 is tethered/using the navigation, the screeen switches off n it kills the connection, anybody knw the fix to this?i have to switch the screen back on for it to work-annoying with the navigation!
  5. ken481

    ken481 Active Member

    It doesnt seem much people have this problem. thats strange any expert with any ideas
  6. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    Try this: settings, wireless networks, wireless, advanced, never sleep wifi. May help based on your description.
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  7. rubayets

    rubayets New Member

    Ha anyone found a solution yet??
  8. ken481

    ken481 Active Member

    Well apparently problem is my service provider - i live in Malta - and my current service provider is changing the transmitters for 3g internet.

    i asked a couple of friends around and they all seem to have the same problem even those with htc and nokia phone

  9. IllBehaviour

    IllBehaviour New Member

    I am also experiencing this problem (using the Three network in London), the data stops transmitting even though the phone is showing 3G or H connection.

    The only way is to toggle flight-mode or restart.
  10. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    Nexus S has similar issues. One has to wonder if this is a Samsung issue or Android issue..
  11. catchwater

    catchwater New Member

    Same issue - in Hong Kong on 3... used same network with my previous phone, HTC Desire, without this issue, so I'm assuming it's related to the phone/software.

    Disabling/renabling mobile data also solves problem for me, as well as airplane mode...
  12. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    Maybe it was a language barrier for some of the Koreans getting this done right :p
  13. domper

    domper New Member

    I have this problem too. Turning data on and off helps for a while, but after around 10 minutes the phone may or may not have a data connection again. It's kind of random. Reboot seems to help, but I'd rather not reboot the phone once a day because of a bug.
  14. halfman21

    halfman21 New Member

    Same thing happens to me and sometimes i can't even send sms I have to restart the phone because it just sits there. Over at XDA I read mention of a possible problem with the baseband when the phone switches from tower to tower and not reconnecting properly. Someone suggested disabling fast dormancy but I havn't had any luck with that either. I do believe it is a baseband problem and hopefully sammy pushes an update to fix this.
  15. Thameswater

    Thameswater New Member

    had to sign up for this

    Ive been having the same issue ever since I got this phone

    it was originally on vodafone UK, but I switched the sim card to Virgin Mobile, not sure if thats the reason

    I have to select a new network to get it to work or turn off, havent tried the flight mode thing.

    really annoying, has anyone fixed this?
  16. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    im on new firmware ( for me down here :p) and ive noticed some things wont work correctly, restarting the phone does ifx it. (like KIES air wont work until i do a restart)

    as for the connection, i sometimes do not have a connection but its rare. Only thing i did find from talking with the ISP is to change the settings to "GSM ONLY"
    i kept getting call drop out and the likes, and when the connection finds other connection types (leaving it on auto-mode) it has to disconnect to re-connect to the other mode. hence....losing the connection...calls dropping out.

    i live on the outskirts of the 3g area, the WiFi works well, but if i leave it on auto mode, its swaps around and creates also helps battery life as its not continually searching for networks.

    bottom line is, i get a more stable connection by taking it off auto mode and selecting the network manualy. (settings-wireless+network-networks-networkmode)
    your issues may be unrelated but cant hurt to give it a try.

    *interesting....i DONT have this setting on my phone. only wifi settings/wifi direct settings/kies via "wireless" settings?
  17. mike_freegan

    mike_freegan New Member

    I am on the 3 network in the UK and have put a lot of research into this.

    See my thread here for the best fix so far:

    [FIXED] 3 UK Network data hanging - xda-developers

    Essentially, the stock 3 firmware is fine. Any other ROMs, radios and kernels cause the problem with varying severity. The problem depends on the area and network you are on. I suspect it is due to a problem with the modem and fast dormancy, although networks like 3 have this problem on a lot of handsets. It used to happen on iPhones but they fixed it somehow, and obviousl did the same to the stock SGS2 firmware.

    Samsung need to pull their finger out on it as this is unusable in its current state for me as I can't rely on push notifications.
  18. right_mr

    right_mr Member

    I had this problem too. I thought it was apps, 3 factory resets later the same problem kept reappearing even when I only have a few apps installed. Data worked fine on my atrix so what solved the issue was the APN. By default the sammy has a rubbish APN.
    add a new APN as follows and problem should be solved:
    Name : 3
    MMS Proxy: 217:171:129:2
    MMS port: 8799
    MCC: 234
    MNC: 20
    Authentication type: PAP
    APN type: Internet + mms

    Using the above APN definitely sorted my woes, I now have around 150 apps installed and no data issues...
  19. ken481

    ken481 Active Member

    It seem quite a bit of people have this issues - mine is doing it less now - not sure but somewhere i read that with time the phone tends to do it less and less - as if the phone "learns".

    I have contacted my service provider to give me the apn details to try as it was suggested by right_mr.

    Will post here the results
  20. right_mr

    right_mr Member

    Or you can manually add this APN, you can obviously keep your old APN in case it doesnt work.
    Go to wireless and networks\mobile networks\Access Point Names then click on menu and select new APN.
    Input all the details exactly as I have provided them and then dont forget to click on menu and save the APN
    Once you do that you will have each APN listed, click on the circle to the right of the newly set up APN and it will glow green in colour. The data network notification icon should disappear and reappear with 3g again.

    I dont think three customer service have a clue what they are doing
  21. incsmiro

    incsmiro Well-Known Member

    Anybody have any idea what the APN settings would be for T-Mobile? I've just started getting an issue with my S2 not connecting to data network at all, already selected 'use packet data' but when I go into about phone, status it says that data network is disconnected.

    Edit - it's just re-connected again while I was typing, this was following a power off, battery removal procedure. Not something I wish to do very often with the ridiculous back cover on the sgs2!!!
    If anyone can still post in case the problem re-occurs that would be great, thanks.

    By the way I've been using green power, reluctant to remove at the moment as its a great battery saver.
  22. lobo76

    lobo76 Well-Known Member

    Well, you need to learn to google... ;)
    Here is the result I've got.
    [SETTINGS] T-Mobile APN Settings

    If you get connected but somehow data is not 'moving', disable fast dormancy and try again.
  23. incsmiro

    incsmiro Well-Known Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply, did a google search for the UK settings but those are generic anyway, there probably the same as what's already on there. I was under the impression that the settings described earlier in the thread were different (faster) than the normal ones, but I may be way off course with this theory so apologies if that's the case.
  24. brightonboy

    brightonboy New Member

    I have been having exactly the same network connection problems.
    My partner and I are on the same network (three) and have different phones.
    Me=SGS2 Partner=Iphone4

    Travelling around, my S2 struggles to toggle between H+/H/G. Iphone on same journey on same network doesn't lose connection.

    Changed sim
  25. ZekeCresando

    ZekeCresando Member

    Try configure back the router.It works for me.

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