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  1. DgDeBx

    DgDeBx Member

    About a year ago, I switched to Gmail but I occasionally check my old email address. This email is hosted at https://securemail.nventure.com/. I used to be able to check this on my Droid, but recently I have not been able to. Whenever I try to access it, a dialog box pops up with the message: "Data connectivity problem: The server failed to communicate. Try again later."

    What can I do to fix this? Could this be related to the Android 2.1 update?

  2. bwinterton

    bwinterton Member

    This is not a problem with 2.1, this is more than likely a problem with the mail server. Your information (aka password or username or server address) may be wrong on the phone, double check that. Other than that, it is probably just a problem with the mail server you are trying to contact doing exactly what it states, not communicating. Double check your settings then wait a few days. If the problem is still occurring I would contact the company and make sure that their servers are still running and that your account exists and all that. Good luck!
  3. Wolfpacker

    Wolfpacker New Member

    My Moto droid started giving me this message about 2 weeks ago when i try to use the browser to go to CNN.COM. I have tried deleting the book mark, and entering CNN.com directly, and it still doesn't work. When I enter CNN.com, the Droid tries to go there, then the address changes to m.cnn.com, and i get the "Data Connectivity Problem, The server failed to communicate. Try again later" message.

    HELP !
  4. bwinterton

    bwinterton Member

    Please don't resurrect old threads. If you are having a problem, start a new thread or use a more recent thread. As for your problem, try clearing your cache and cookies in the browser from the settings menu. See if that helps.
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