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Data Disables By Itself &...Support

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  1. Fremdroid

    Fremdroid Member

    Hola Peeps! I LOVE my GNEX but am having issues with data disabling on it's own. For whatever reason, when I go into Settings, Mobile Network Settings, at times my Data Enabled Box is unchecked.

    I also frequently have my service bars greyed out in obvious metro areas with service. I can be standing next to my friend who has an iPhone through Verizon and he has great 3G and I have Zilch...

    Thanks for your insight!


  2. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    i9250 or i515? (unlocked GSM or Verizon LTE version)?
    You can always try flashing Google's own factory image manually after unlocking the bootloader. If you want to try this, either PM me or reply to this thread and I have a youtube tutorial on how to do it. It will wipe your phone however, but that's a small price to pay if you can get the phone working properly again.

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