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  1. BTMoonlight

    BTMoonlight Active Member

    Hey, silly question. I've been using juicedefender and recently I believe it messed up my Samsung galaxy s2 x from Telus.
    I don't have any data services and only capable of txt/calls.

    I went into my settings and see that checking "Use packet data" from wireless/network returns my data service. However, I've always had data service with it unchecked before and I confirmed it with my friend who also has the same phone on the same carrier. Is it safe to be checked? or I have to have it unchecked?


    Edit: Nevermind, it's suppose to be checked but I discovered that juicedefender turns off packet data via network settings but glitched.
    Embarassing of me :p
    Could someone still confirm that it's suppose to be checked? Thanks. :p

  2. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    Yes, it needs to be checked. I had the same problem ;)

    I'm currently using 2x battery and find that it is better than juicedefender.

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