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[DATA] List of Essential Information About Phone

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  1. aayushdutta

    aayushdutta Well-Known Member Contributor

    ATTENTION PLEASE: Every new user of the cellphone and/or persons doing some research before buying Micromax A100 Android Device MUST consider the following list before trying to buy it.

    Well guys, Micromax has indeed made a great cellphone that is HD and has a great camera and capture system. ARMv7 armabei latest revision processor and the Adreno 225 GPU do altogether a good job. But the stock ICS ROM loaded on the device has a list of bugs which needs to be corrected in the further revisions of Custom ROM's and Stock ROM's.

    Any Micromax Official reading this please notify the technical staff about it. A final technical report must also be sent out to the Production Team in this regard. Thanks in advance for that.

    Well, coming back to topic. The main and most commonly experienced errors in Micromax A100 are the following:

    1) As soon as you switch anything ON in the Development Screen Setting of the ICS Stock ROM. A wild red outline appears over the screen while switching apps and processing a heavy app, also locking and unlocking.

    2) The Stock Music player experiences a sudden 'hiccup' or else literally skips 0.02 seconds of a song whilst playing it with External GUI Equalizers. The Stock MusicFX Equalizer is NOT powerful enough with maximum settings that the Hardware is designed to handle.

    3) Using WhatsApp, if you try to take too many re-shots from camera to send a picture hangs the Camera Process and there is no other alternative than to restart cellphone.

    4) Most important, as far as user submissions are concerned 'Ninad' has confirmed presence of SU Binary inside the Stock ROM. But, there has been a lot of Rooting problems. Unlike the Micromax Funbook P300 which too had the SU binary and just required to install SuperUser app from market DOES NOT work in Micromax A100. It simply's FC's. So it is considered that the SU Binary is either FAKE, or else Damaged in Production of the Stock ROM.

    5) Their is a major bug in the Lock screen Items positioning of the ROM. Every lock style except the Circle Lock (White Ring ICS Default) has the Emergency Buttons cutoff from the screen.

    6) This is to also confirm that their is a Accelerometer Sensor Offset to 1.67 degrees left which drastically affects game play. This causes no visible effect on other sensor dependent apps. Only game play.

    7) NO MAGNETOMETER Hardware Sensor has been installed on the device. This is rendering the Maps and Navigation's applications USELESS. Also, no compass and other MAGNETOMETER dependent applications are known to work.

    8) Camera Application is known to record 180 degree inverted videos when viewed under Windows, MAC, Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, 10.04 LTS). The exif data is corrupted, and that is the assumed cause of this problem.

    9) Common Screen-Self Touch Problems are observed while charging of the device. Although, this problem has NOT been observed with every piece of this phone. (Specifically, I didn't face it!)

    All ROM Makers including me are requested to release their ROM's and MODS keeping in mind this data.

    Official Report Released by adpdever (1st September, 2012)
    Thanks and Regards.
    Aayush Dutta

  2. Zer07777

    Zer07777 New Member

    Also Add That the Camera takes inverted photos.
  3. psbzone

    psbzone Member

    VEry nice aayush, u covered mostly all topics..

    Inverted camera preview and very very low audio in video recording, mobile acts weird when in charging are the others known issues....
  4. rajbaba09

    rajbaba09 New Member

    Thanks for the information...!!

    can anyboby tel me how to invert the videos of micromax A100......??

    thanks in advance....
  5. aayushdutta

    aayushdutta Well-Known Member Contributor

    Simply, Use the Video Flip Software from DVD Enhancer for Windows x32 & x64 Bit and select Flip 180 degrees.

    No other way as yet, specially on the cellphone.
  6. Zer07777

    Zer07777 New Member

    Nope u can upload the video to youtube and rotate it from there.
  7. psbzone

    psbzone Member

    hahah upload in youtube then re download
    Tht was just a joke rite?

    Why in earth any body do tht if u can easily do it with
    with windows movie maker and vlc player also as a option in video effects..
  8. psbzone

    psbzone Member

    THis phone also has a strange bug when sometimes it says sim contacts not responding or system not responding and network just vanishes for a minute or so & then come back..
  9. Zer07777

    Zer07777 New Member

    He said on the phone and as per as i know u dont have vlc/movie maker on the phone though u can look if there is a video editor for android available.
  10. psbzone

    psbzone Member

    @aayush Any update on the custom rom as it is our only hope to remove bugs,lag & make it user frnly.As fully working cwm recovery & rotting method is available..?

    I can provide u with watever u want, boot.img, recovery.img anything frm the stock rom..

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