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Data not working on flashed Evo 3D

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  1. mdiada

    mdiada Member

    I recently bought a flashed Evo 3d from amazon. The seller had a very high rating and positive feedback, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them out. Well, I got the phone, and it took me a couple days to figure out the MDN and MSID had to be changed from the donor's number to my own for the call and texts to work. So somehow I figured THAT out, and I get texts and calls now, but the internet is not working. And I keep getting this annoying popup saying "Data Call Failure - Error Code 67: unable to establish a wireless data connection. if the problem persists please contact your mobile company." So can anyone help me with this internet issue, please?? :confused:

  2. mdiada

    mdiada Member

    ... anyone? :eek: When I was messing with the phone trying to get the text and voice to work, somehow and for whatever reason the 3g icon in the top corner came on for a split second but after that, it's never come back. I'm so confused lol
  3. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Have you tried getting in touch with the folks who sold you the phone? They're the ones that can help you. Do you have the donor phone? You got phone calls going... but if you misstep from here you can mess things up and lose everything. Did they give you the donor?
  4. CooLoser

    CooLoser Well-Known Member

    you need to write you AAA and HA shared keys in PRofile 1 and 2 in QPST
  5. DWILSON48625

    DWILSON48625 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. My AAA didnt write to the phone.

    If you get a code 16 when making a call (says code 16 at the end) stay on the line. Tell them your on whatever phone you used as a donor. they will refresh your service and u will be good.

    HTC Evo forums have a long and thorough guide to flashing.

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