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Data on but no connectionSupport

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  1. marc.knuckle

    marc.knuckle Active Member

    i have installed CM7 7.1 (android 2.3.7) onto my san fran.

    in the network settings i have made sure that giff gaff is the selected APN and that dat is on. this is confirmed in the fact that the data signal, for example H, is on the top bar and shows the little arrow bothways but there is no connection if i try to access the internet.

    i have tried a reboot and also fully turning off with no improvements.

    i have made sure it isnt giff gaff's problem as my wife is with them and hers connects fine.

    any ideas guys?

  2. Vorbis

    Vorbis Well-Known Member

    Did you get your giffgaff sim working in your San Fransisco in the end mate?

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