Data only should happen soon?

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  1. boyo1991

    boyo1991 Well-Known Member

    Well after getting into that part of the internet again I'm thinking about apps like ebuddy and I'm+... I think that these types of apps can and will be the next form of communication..

    Ik this is an unpopular idea.. but with everything updating so quickly.. the last form of innovation is the connection. This area has been untouched basicly. We've been stuck with standardized texting and calling.. social media has pretty well taken over my phone.. I have a folder that's just for texting, Skype, facebook, Twitter and google+.. as if texting is just another one of these..

    So my thought is.. can't we just do away with the old fashioned and bring in some innovation?

    At&t ceo had spoken about this issue saying that by the end of 2015 a company will have a data only plan for smartphones. Not saying at&t is going to be that one but still..

    City wide WiFi networks have begun.. these are a smaller scale of what I hope the future will be..

    Of course it sounds like a fantasy, but at the same time, they'll just charge more for data to make up for losses just like how Verizon has already begun doing with unlimited everything except data ;)

    I'm also saying data only is the only option right now.. its just the only I see.. at least to do away with the old fashioned standard of telephones which standard has been around for far too long and needs to be done away with in my opinion...

  2. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    As a fan of tech, I would LOVE to see this happen. However, realistically, I can't see it at all. Phone companies run the show, and they will fight this as long as possible. Even now, Charter and U-Verse still try to force you to have a land line with their services. Those have been obsolete for nearly a decade, and should be all but phased out at this point.

    The largest problem with Data only phones is the lack of coverage in rural areas. AT&T claims to cover 94% of Americans, but that is probably in 25% of the US area. It would work in big cities with fantastic data, but otherwise, not so much.

    One day we can hope this happens, but the ones profiting have all the power, and will do whatever they can to avoid losing their monopoly.
  3. boyo1991

    boyo1991 Well-Known Member

    It's just one reason I'm on vm :) 35$ a month 309 mins unlimited texting and data. Hoo yah haha
  4. NEMESIS007

    NEMESIS007 Member

    Data only plans are the way to since VOIP should eventually replace traditional cell phone signal usage. VOIP (on a good connection) sounds so much better. But the technology does have to improve before data only plans are introduced. Where I live, even with LTE coverage, using VOIP applications to make telephone calls are still a bit iffy. Download speeds fluctuate from 20mbps+ to a lowly 2mbps depending on where I am. Note that I do live in Canada where cell phone towers are not as abundant compared to America. At home where I have a stable 10mbps, using VOIP applications is the clear choice.

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