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  1. jezebel01

    jezebel01 New Member

    This is my first smart phone and I've only had it for a few days; so far I love it, but I do have an issue I haven't been able to solve. When I turn off the mobile data connection via the Settings > Battery & data manager > Data delivery > Data enabled option it turns itself back on the next time I unlock my screen. I installed the 'Data Enabler Widget' and the same thing happened. I've checked or unchecked, as appropriate, every option that would seem to have anything to do with this and no dice.

    I want a simple way to control whether or not my phone is downloading data over the mobile network. Any suggestions?

  2. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    That makes no sense at all. The only thing I can think of is you have an app that is forcing it back on to connect with the net. Since you have only had it a few days, you probably don't have a ton of apps installed. Have you installed anything that might be causing this, or is your phone still stock?
  3. jezebel01

    jezebel01 New Member

    I agree that it makes no sense, but it is happening none the less.

    Even though I just got my smart phone, I did jump in and download several apps, all of which I
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  4. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

  5. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    You could also try the Settings -> Accounts & Sync area. Sometimes those settings will override your data choices if you have it set wrong. My son's Background settings seemed to trigger data usage to turn on although it's a different model phone.
  6. ClarDold

    ClarDold Member

  7. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    I use an APN switcher widget called HiAPN. It's basically a toggle on your homescreen that enables or disables the mobile APN.....enabling it allows you to connect to the network via your data connection.....disabling it, well, disables it. Works like a charm with a single tap of the toggle, no need to go into settings and all that. And it doesn't turn itself back on automatically either ;)
  8. chemess

    chemess New Member

    So yesterday, 21 months after your post, I solved the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S4 using your app list. THANK YOU for your app list!!!!

    AT&T Tech Support was useless in helping me. As good as Battery Defender was at extending battery life, it kept turning on Mobile Data every time the screen locked (or went to sleep?) AND apparently it caused Mobile Data to trump my WiFi connection. Not sure, but the may have closed the WiFi connection when the screen went to sleep and turned on Mobile Data to synchronize mail, games, Facebook, etc., while the phone was "sleeping". However Battery Defender was doing this, the Mobile Data stopped turning itself on when Battery Defender was uninstalled.

    I posted a scathing 1-star review on Google Play and sent a scathing text to AT&T about it being the third time in 20 months that an AT&T tech did not solve a problem that I ended up solving myself.

    Again, thank you for your help!


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