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  1. makitso

    makitso New Member

    I had a rooted inc so the gingerbread updates would not work. The OTA updates starting hitting me about mid Nov. Each time I would accept the request and it would start and then fail. Sell toward the end of Dec the updates were getting larger, one about 80MB. It was then that I tried to manually update to gingerbread. Well to make a long story short, everything failed until I did a stock update via the PC (ruu?). Now I am on gingerbread and its wonderful.

    However, just got my Verizon bill. I have the older $15 data plan with a limited download value. To my surprise, all the updates were listed on my data plan and my bill was sky high. I did not know that system updates were against your data plan.

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they count against your data but you may be able to explain the issue to verizon.
  3. findwaldo

    findwaldo Member

    Corporate Offices took care of us...customer service was a waste of time....oh the stories they used to explain the data usage!

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