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Data Speeds

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  1. GriffMH

    GriffMH Active Member

    What, other than carrier performance affects data speed? I was at a friend's house. He has an iPhone4 on ATT. I have the Epic on Sprint. We did simulatneous data speed tests using Speedtest.net. My Down/Up results averaged .40/.24 and his were 6.2/4.0 with one being 9.2/8.6.

    We have unadvertised 4G here. It is not available where we were at, but later I went to a location where I can connect to it. On 4g my results were 2.5/1.1

    I've run this from various location around town and based a sample size of 20 I average .591/.207

    Just pathetic.

    Before I completely blame Sprint I'd like to confirm if the difference in processors or maybe data storage amounts could have anything to do with my ability to download data or is this really just want I think... Sprint sucks here. FWIW - I have 7.32GB free of 7.41 Available on my SD card and 156MB of system storage available.

    Is it all Sprint's fault or is my phone skewing the results?


  2. GriffMH

    GriffMH Active Member

    And before it comes up, no, I'm not stirring the Apple/Android pot... same questions apply if it were a Droid Razor Maxx on Verizon or any other newer phone on any other carrier... I just want to understand if Sprint is really just this bad here or if a new phone may have an influence...
  3. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    Unadvertised 4G - what is that? You click your 4G button on the status bar and you get a 4G connection, then still get lousy up/down speeds? (probably why it's "unadvertised")

    Anyway, yeah - Sprint sucks. That's why they threw away $billions on their 4G technology that (for reasons I won't go into here) they cannot expand to the entire country. So now they are spending $billions more to get LTE 4G technology (which won't work on our nice $300 phones, so we'll have to get brand new ones).

    But, like I always say: If you want great service, go with Verizon. If you don't want to get killed on your monthly phone bill, get Sprint. Then there's all that other stuff in the middle.
  4. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi Well-Known Member

    It's completely Sprint's issue. They had some serious issues handling an influx of new customers a couple years ago, and the arrival of the iPhone has only made things worse. Meanwhile, they wasted a ton of money barking up the wrong tree with WiMAX.

    Do some google searches, tons of people with iPhones and android phones alike have super slow data. My own epic gets around 0.3 Mbps on 3g. The 4g in the twin cities is better than average, usually around 6 mbps. But I just switched to T-Mobile and now I get 10-12 mbps. I'm done with Sprint and their slow network.
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  5. iviyth0s

    iviyth0s Member

    I haven't speed tested my Epic in a while but I've never had any really issue with the speeds I get as long as I was in 3G. 4G itself is a waste of $10 as I've never gotten sustainable 4G anywhere...glad we're going LTE but wish Sprint would turn back maybe $100 of my phones value or atleast refund all the months I paid for 4G that never worked >_<

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