Data traffic while nothing is on?

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  1. Tonneman

    Tonneman New Member


    My HTC Hero uses about 1 Mb per day, while no applications seem to require data. Automatically popping mail has been disabled, and also other data consuming apps aren't running.

    I switched off cell (3G) so it consumes the data via WIFI. If I switch on 3G, it would also consume via 3G.

    So, by not using any apps, the Hero seems to consume 1 Mb per day. How come?

    Thanks in advance

  2. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

    Your weather app will be using some of that.
  3. norash

    norash Member

    I have had my htc hero on 3 for about 3 weeks and where Ive had it on just playing about with it a few times I havent majorly used it as my old contract is still running, when i logged onto my 3 account i noticed that i have used
  4. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

  5. MarDoubleT

    MarDoubleT Active Member

    The default HTC Sense 'flip' clock will use data to update both location and weather. Also, if you've synced it with facebook or flickr it'll be set as default to update every 15min or so.

    Essentially, the Hero is set up from the factory to wow you with its capabilities, and then unfortunately to scare you when you get your bill through. If you haven't got a sufficient data plan that is.
  6. walkinhotdog

    walkinhotdog Well-Known Member

    Do you have mobile network turned off? Settings>wireless controls>untick mobile network. I have that, data roaming, and enable always on mobile network all unticked. I dont think i have ever used any data with those settings. Only use wifi.
  7. norash

    norash Member

    i thought i was only using wi fi but obviously something is sneakily using data have downloaded the app suggested and done the few settings suggested, any thing else i should set it at i could get an internet bundle but dont have a 3g coverage at home im lucky to get phone signal never mind internet thats why im surprised that i was able to run up any bill at all. Is there any other settings i should be looking at as my phone is just as factory set for eg how do you turn off the weather updating or disable this feature

    thanks for all your help

  8. walkinhotdog

    walkinhotdog Well-Known Member

    Open your weather> menu>settings>untick update automatically. Thats should be it, i havent run up a bill yet with those settings i gave you.
  9. Febiunz

    Febiunz Member

    Does anyone know an application that can monitor the traffic used per application?

    I have a HTC Desire, and it's using a lot of sent data, allthough I turned off most auto sync applications.

    Thanks in advance...
  10. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Theres a very handy HTC widget for this: [+] -> HTC widget -> settings -> Mobile network.

    Well worth having this somewhere on your home screen if data is an issue - particularly useful if youre abroad and want to keep roaming data charges to a minimum.
  11. Febiunz

    Febiunz Member

    I found an app in the market where you can monitor the sent data traffic per application. It's called Network Statistics and it costs 50 cents...but it was worth it! I found that Google Maps Latitude is sending a lot of data in my case, so I turned that off...Maybe this can help someone...

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