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  1. Martyboy

    Martyboy New Member


    This is my first post. I have an xperia mini which I bought SIM free direct from SE, running on Vodafone in the UK. I often get a "data traffic disabled" notification in my status bar (usually after I've lost signal which, let's face it with Vodafone, is quite often). I then have to manually enable it again which is REALLY annoying. Is there anyway to stop it doing this? I had an HTC Legend before and it never did this. Surely if I enable data it should stay on until I say otherwise and not when it decides.



  2. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Welcome Marty!

    That is not normal, the data connection should remain active until you manually turn it off. Let me ask you, do you by any chance have the data enable/disable widget on the Homescreen?
  3. Martyboy

    Martyboy New Member

    Thanks Josh. No I don't have any widget - I only access it through the settings menu.

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