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  1. sudoku-san

    sudoku-san New Member

    I am trying to figure out how to transfer data from PC to K1 tablet (and vice versa). K1 has no USB port that I can find. There is an app called LeTools that supposedly lets you do this via WIFI, but it isn't installed on my tablet, and I can't find any downloads for it. There is a download to install LeTools on a PC, which I have done, but it needs an app installed on the tablet to communicate with.

    I tried LeNovo software support but they seem oblivious.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. hankc

    hankc New Member

  3. koyoyo

    koyoyo New Member

    Hi just want to share my soln. I tried and it worked. Sorry i have a link of instructions but as newbie i can't paste. Interested do pm me. Hope to help.
  4. dickey38

    dickey38 Member

    Thanks -- I was able to get a USB connection.

    I'd really like to connect to my LAN via WiFi. The LeTools app doesn't seem to do anything after I enter my id/pw in the WiFi login panel.

    Anybody able to do this?
  5. rsreenivasan

    rsreenivasan New Member

    Im attempting to connect my lenovo ideapad k1 to my mac via BlueTooth. My tablet finds my computer & pairs. So does my mac. But Im unable to make a connection. Has any one attempted?

  6. rockhunter

    rockhunter New Member

    The application File Expert is available free at Android Market and is a file manager that handles wifi file transfer between a tablet and shared folders on a networked PC or network file servers on a lan.

    There are several file manager in addition to File Manager that support SMB/SAMBA network file systems just choose the one you like from Android Market
  7. rurocking

    rurocking Member

    What do you mean your K1 as no USB port. Get a female to female USB adapter like this [​IMG]one and using the connector that came with your device, connect any USB device to your K1.
  8. jreddington

    jreddington New Member

    I have been able to USB link my K1 to my PC, install LeTools, and synch by USB. However, I cannot get wifi synch set up.

    Have entered an ID and password on the K1 and clicked wifi. LeTools shows up in the K1 tray.

    On the PC I click "Refresh". The little "lotus" spins for a while. Then I get the following message:

    "Failed to get device information. Please make sure LeTools WiFi is enabled in the device."

    I've double and triple checked the K1 Wifi setting. For diagnosis I have also turned wifi off on the K1 and clicked "Refresh" on the PC. It then stays blank below the button (as expected). When I turn wifi on the K1 back on and click "Refresh", I again get the message above.

    What am I doing wrong here?
  9. alary

    alary Member

    Hi, does it turn the USB data cable into an OTG cable so I can connect USB flash drive to the tablet?
  10. rlrobert

    rlrobert New Member

    I use dropbox and love it....
  11. technicalguy

    technicalguy Member

    I agree with soduku_san, the K1 comes with a USB cable.
    I also use the App: Airdroid, which I think is fabulous!

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