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Data usage and running servicesGeneral

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  1. Gixxerman69

    Gixxerman69 Member

    I am new to the android scene, so please forgive me if my questions seem basic.
    I have some worries regarding data usage with my Orange S2 (i9100P PBVKI3). I am on Orange PAYG and obviously I do not want applications and services sneakily using my data without my knowledge. On my old Nokia N82 it was easy; I had the option to set the data connection, to prompt me when data access was required, and I could then decide if I wanted an app to use data. This was superb.
    However, I cannot see anything like this on the S2. I can turn data off, but that is not the same thing.
    How can I stop or identify or remove applications that use data in the background? I am also a bit concerned about the ammout of services running. I take it these are similar to the services in windows that run in the background and are needed by the apps / OS?
    Here are a list of my backgrond apps / services.
    DRM content
    Software update
    Task manager
    Digital clock
    Social Hub
    Google Services
    WI-FI sharing
    WI-FI sharing manager
    Samsung keypad

    Any apps (uncluding pre-installed ones) that I should be aware of that use data in the backgroud? (e.g. I have heard that Ap Mobile is one to be aware of). How do I remove these pre-installed apps or at least stop them from using data unless I want them to?

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    For Widgets like Apmobile or even the email app, there are a few options.

    1) Don't put it on the homescreen (Don't use it)

    2) Go into its settings and set the sync to manual or maybe once a day etc...

    For everything else, get 3G watchdog pro which allows you to see which app uses data and how much. That way you can control its use. Its data counter seems to be one of the most accurate so far.

    There is another app called Onavo. This app have the option to control other apps data usage to wifi only. But its data counter does not seem as accurate. Use in conjunction with an accurate data counter, I think its pretty much all you need for control.

    If you are willing to root, you can actually freeze any app that you want too, including those that came with the phone in the first place.

  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    To remove, freeze some of those items that you have running, and that are draining your battery as well, you will need to, as Russell Ng states, be rooted as this will give you much more control over your phone. See here:-


    You will then have the ability to freeze those built-in items and prevent them from connecting or using your battery power and RAM. See here:-


    Rooting also allows you to make other battery/data savings as well. See here:-


    Rooted SGSII with stock battery on average usage.


    Hope this helps. :)
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Yo Ironass... just call me Russell.

    And still trying to convince everyone to root? Should come with a warning that there is a danger of bricking the phone if not done right. But love the fact that I can also do so much with this phone even without going down that road. Not like IPhone where having to jailbreak is so very necessary.

  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member


    Hi Russell.

    Just pointing out that rooting does offer a much greater control and a lot more options on your phone.

    Thankfully, using the Dummies Guide I mentioned, no one has yet, "bricked" their phone unlike some other methods I can think of. :)

    You are right though, there is so much more that you can do with the SGSII that you cannot contemplate with the iPhone unless you jailbreak it.

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