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  1. dfdpiper

    dfdpiper New Member

    Is there any way to check for data usage on the phone itself without an app? Thnking along the lines of the call timer but for data usage.

  2. Relinquished

    Relinquished New Member

    Still doing some searching, but it appears that there is not. If I had to guess, I would say that the acclaim doesn't track data use on it's own, and that any tracking that is going on is being done server side.

    If you can check your useage via your providers website, you could probably do that on the phone, but other than that, it looks like you might have to get an app.

    I use Netcounter, haven't had any problems with it yet.
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  3. dfdpiper

    dfdpiper New Member

    Thanks, Relinquished. Loaded 3g Watchdog and tested for the last 10 days. Only used 5.7% of my data max, and this is using it everywhere all the time. No worries about exceeding the limit for me!:)
  4. cjpederson

    cjpederson Active Member

    I found the same thing. I used 3g Watchdog for two months, and found that I never went over 15%, and I use a LOT of data (or so I thought). I guess there's little chance I'll go over!
  5. dfdpiper

    dfdpiper New Member

    I can't imagine how much you'd have to use these things in order to even come close to the 5gb limit. Non-stop YouTube? Online gaming? I don't have that kind of time! :)
  6. Relinquished

    Relinquished New Member

    Really depends on what you do with your phone, gaming will take it's toll, dont have time? Streaming music takes quite a bit, watching videos can depending on what videos, how long they are, and how many you watch in a day. Beyond that, surfing the web doesn't often take much data, but if you go to very large, media filled sites, it can.

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