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  1. Sparky32

    Sparky32 New Member

    As a newbie i might be asking the obvious but bear with me.
    I've just bought my first smart phone Sony Xperia Tipo and have dowloaded the Birds of Britain App which is 4.86Mb,my computer is 9years old has 512Mb ram and 120Gb the App took ages to download,well over an hour and i noticed it used 53Mb of data to install it,does data usage depend on the time an install takes and amount or was this because the old computer system is too slow or is this normal


  2. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    Data usage is exactly what it means if it is 60 meg download.....thats 60 meg data regardless of whether it take 5 mins or 5 hours....most files are compressed so the download might be 10 meg but it installs to 50 meg when it is expanded

    Some are setup files which start the install (might be 5 meg)but need to download the the balance which may be 100 meg (this 100 meg will come off your data usage)

    Unless you have spyware or something lurking to use your data
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  3. Sparky32

    Sparky32 New Member

    Thanks for the explanation.


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