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  1. frasefrase

    frasefrase New Member

    Wondering if anyone can help out here. I downloaded 3G watchdog to monitor how much data I use as I'm capped at 500mb a month. I installed on Saturday and it says I have downloaded 40mb in 2 days. I've not even used the data connection as I was in my house all weekend and had the WIFI on. Is 3G watchdog accurate, or is it counting data downloaded through WIFI? Also, is there an average amount of data that is downloaded each day? I don't really have that many apps using my connection (I think).


  2. sundials

    sundials Member

    Hi, I am using a free app called NetCounter from the market, seems to be pretty accurate for me so far.
  3. Wahwah

    Wahwah Well-Known Member

    Why not turn off your mobile data and then see if the counter goes up. Hero ships with widgets to control data, look in the HTC section. Also, I presume you're on Orange? Accessing "your account" from orange world tells you how much data you've used.
  4. frasefrase

    frasefrase New Member

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I'm on Orange. I'll check out the HTC widget to see if that's any better. Just signed up with Orange a week ago and have just set up my online account. Even more bizzare, they have me down as using nearly 300mb...I know I downloaded a few apps, but not 300mb worth!
  5. Jason71

    Jason71 Well-Known Member

    Is it that they say you have used 300mb or that you have only 200 left?I ask becasue the first billling period is not always a month, not sure why, so they pro rata your data alowance.
    it would be hard to use 300 mb and not know it. In my experience background tasks use less than 1MB a day. Only something you are doing knowingly like watching you tube could ever use that much
  6. Jason71

    Jason71 Well-Known Member

    I have "netsenty" that also seems very good. ties up with Orange very closely and separates out 3G and Wifi.
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  7. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Just to add, that's NETSENTRY for those who may want to search for it :D
  8. Jason71

    Jason71 Well-Known Member

    thanks Matin :)
  9. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    I started using 3G watchdog, but i was hoping someone might know if there is an app not just to show data usage, but to show _which apps_ are transferring data in the background?

    I have App Sync and Background Data turned off, but I'm still showing a small trickle of data usage in 3G Watchdog.
  10. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Nicely done. That made me OTFL.:D
  11. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    There have been many discussions about android's data connection due to high roaming charges when people thought they were not using data or had turned it off. Can you try airplane mode? What happens?

    I would also call your customer service at Orange and ask them about it. There might be a simple explanation. (The pro rated data sounded very logical.)
  12. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Disabling the APN so it does not connect , For example this is how I disable data. I switch my APN to a blank one:

    To be able to turn data on and off , follow these instructions

    Settings -> Wireless controls -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> Press Menu -> New APN -> fill in the field Name with the word "blank" and press OK -> Fill in the field APN with the word "blank" and press ok -> Press Menu -> Save -> You are now done.

    Now , when you want internet you select the Vodafone APN {the original} , If you don't want internet select the "blank" APN profile we just created

    Carl C :D
  13. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    Or could you just uncheck Mobile Network (connect to the internet) ?
  14. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    You have that option??

    I have a Vodafone HTC Magic UK version 32B stock ROM and don't have that option ??
  15. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    You need to add an HTC Widget. Long press on the screen where you want to put it then go to HTC Widget|Settings|Mobile Network. There are a couple of others that might be useful as well.

  16. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    I'm on Orange maybe that's why ? It's a stock option in settings
  17. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    oh I see why i probably don;t have it then , I have a "With Google" Experience phone so don't have HTC Widgets :(
  18. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    You could try the Toggle Data widget from the market. This uses the APN settings to turn data on and off and it is free. I have not tried it, so cannot vouch for it though.

  19. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    ahhh thanks for that ! just what i was looking for ;)
  20. mpr2609

    mpr2609 New Member


    Our company mobiles are HTC Desire S's. What nobody seems to be aware of is the 'default' setting shipped with HTC phones that is the primary cause of multiple
  21. DukeNukem

    DukeNukem New Member

    Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Enable always-on mobile data

    Even if I unchecked this, over night it says that data transfered is about 1MB? How can this happened?

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