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  1. ck7ah

    ck7ah Member

    My wife got a HTC Desire S at the weekend, and in 1 days she has used 50MB of data. She just downloaded a few apps, browsed FB and added her contacts.
    As she is new to Android phones, how can we ensure that nothing else is on using data whilst the phone is idle?

  2. Emmure

    Emmure New Member

    First of all, deactivate Mobile Network on your phone.
    And to be 100% sure, check, that no applications are set to auto update, else it's possible, that anytime you manualy turn on mobile networking (to browse facebook or whatsoever) you "waste" data on updates.

    settings > Wireless & networks > deactivate Mobile network
    settings > Accounts & sync > uncheck Background data and Auto-sync

    hope that helped :)
  3. chippy1970

    chippy1970 Member

    I was worried about mine so I downloaded 3G watchdog off the market this runs all the time and tells you exactly how much data you are using.

    I dont really use my 3G for downloading apps as I have wifi at home and just get any apps in the evening. Over the last week I have used about 18mb of 3G which I would have said is just weather, facebook etc updating in the background.
  4. ck7ah

    ck7ah Member

    what does 'deactivate Mobile network' do?

    I have done the rest.
  5. Emmure

    Emmure New Member

    It deactivates the mobile network (3G) as the name says and makes your desire a common phone without internet access.
    can be done in 3 touches, pull down notification bar ---> quick settings (lower right corner) ---> deactivate / activate mobile network

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