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  1. SDotNY

    SDotNY Well-Known Member

    4/19/2010 - No probs at all.. Happy as a pig in.. well I will be when we get FROYO atleast..

  2. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    Good point BUT voice minutes is the "Life Timer" mine is 8:44:41 Could be total number of calls as DataSchmuck says but I swear I havent used my phone that much. I never make calls, mostly text and email.

    My device is awake average 8 hours a day on weekdays and only 2-3 hours a day on weekends. Activated my phone on 5/3 that makes it about 57 days and totalling 41 weekdays and 16 weekend days. Thats an estimated 376 hours of "Awake Time" since I got the device and right in line with my Life Counter reading of 372.

    Alas none of that matters because I just made 3 more calls and my life counter went up by 3 so it looks like the Schmuck was right ;)
  3. sta7ic

    sta7ic Well-Known Member

    Manufacture date: 4/23/10
    no problems.
    Whats interesting is i bought my phone on the May 2nd, so the phone had only been in the factory a week before.
  4. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Well-Known Member


    No problems.

    Good idea for a thread! This should be stickied.
  5. dragonsamus

    dragonsamus Well-Known Member

    4/12/10 with no problems as of yet. :)
  6. bwthor

    bwthor Well-Known Member

    External speaker blew 6/24/10
    No other issues.
  7. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    Manufacture Date- 4/11/2010

    Number of Problems- 0 *Knocks on serious wood- no warranty on this phone- bought/traded with someone online*

    Life Counter- 399 (Yes, I talk on my phone a lot!)

    I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about returning my BRICKED Evo and keeping this phone, even though it doesn't have any warranty or insurance on it.

    I would assume that since mine looks like an earlier build, that I have the AMOLED screen- hopefully.

    If I keep the Evo, I'll be selling the Incredible.
  8. 06Stang

    06Stang Well-Known Member

    Speaker blown. Slow. Won't read sd card after restart. No 3g only 1x
  9. answerman

    answerman Well-Known Member

    4/2/2010. Preordered, got day before launch. It's been flawless.
  10. jes0212

    jes0212 Well-Known Member

    No problems yet.
  11. jes0212

    jes0212 Well-Known Member

    Manufactured Date : 5/31/2010
    Problems: None yet.
  12. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Build date 4/8/2010


    Voices intermittently drop out during call, not a lot, also happened with my dumb phone, turn my head and the problem goes away.

    Camera would freeze after taking pic, did a battery pull, problem goes away (I think it had to do either with the buggy Incredible flashlight app or one of my barcode scanner apps).

    About the warranty date, mine says 4/15/2010 so I thought that that was the date it passed QC and was ready to ship. But after reading Grandmaster's post I don't know what to think.:confused:
  13. paperclips

    paperclips New Member

    Nothing yet.
  14. tats_06

    tats_06 Well-Known Member

    Mine was 6/ tint screen. :(
  15. coolkp

    coolkp Member

    Manufacture date: 4/10/10
    date I recieved phone: 4:29/10
    Problems: None
  16. Proph

    Proph Well-Known Member

    manufacture date: 4/5/2010
    received phone 4/29/2010 (not pre-ordered was lucky enough to walk in that morning)

    problems: None
  17. RoboCuz

    RoboCuz Well-Known Member

    man date: 5/14/2010
    problem: dust under glass, camera lens cover loose (glass pushes in)
  18. ikediggety

    ikediggety Well-Known Member

    date: 4/3/2010

    problems: incoming call quality. short words or quiet syllables get dropped. seems to have a very overzealous noise gate. no problems otherwise.
  19. 2003vstrom

    2003vstrom Well-Known Member


    slight pink hue on screen
    dust under screen

    have replacement coming from Amazon when they get more in stock
    july 13-20th
  20. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Well-Known Member


    this might be hard to keep up with...

    will keep saying update so i dont lose my place
  21. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    Manufactured Date: 4/4/2010
    Number of phones on this date: 2
    Number of phones with problem: 0
    Problems Listed: None
  22. Bundy

    Bundy Well-Known Member

    Manufacturers Date: 4/26/2010 - No problems

    Warranty Date: 2/6/2010 - don't have any idea what that means, but the date is 4
  23. eipee73

    eipee73 Well-Known Member

    Manufacturers Date: 4/10/2010 - No problems

    Warranty Date: 4/28/2010
  24. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    LOL same! :cool:
  25. Ray3rd

    Ray3rd Active Member

    No issues
    Life Counter 147
    Life Timer 3 hrs 36 min 51 sec

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