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  1. bigpetefox

    bigpetefox New Member

    4/19/2010 nothing wrong so far, just a minor force close of an app.

  2. drivie

    drivie Member

    Manufacture Date: 4/10/10
    Received Date: 4/29/10 (launch day)
    Life Counter: 1033
    Life Timer: 73 hrs 57 min 13 sec ** Have not dropped a single call yet **

    Minor issues include:

    - I believe I caused a problem by deleting too much from my SD Card a couple of weeks after I got the phone causing the people app to hang when opening. Hard reset fixed this issue.

    - After dialing a call, the screen goes black very quickly and is difficult to get it to come back on. Frequently requires multiple pushes of the power button. This is only an issue when I need to use the speaker phone as I can't hit the button fast enough sometimes.
  3. TheWhiteBandito

    TheWhiteBandito Well-Known Member

    -sometimes I get muddy sounding calls
    -power button is recessed
    -i got the "low space" bug

    Sent from my HTC Incredible
  4. alecks

    alecks Member

    man. date: 6/27/2010
    received: July 2

    -camera freeze
    -low/no signal


    my alarm didn't go off, and voice dialer seems to be starting up itself
  5. gripweed

    gripweed Well-Known Member

    Scratch that.....maybe anyways....up to you.

    We have been having rebooting issues. Thought it was our network extender. Unplugged it and we were doing good. Started rebooting again though. I'm still convinced it's an area thing though because it only reboots in our house. No where else.

    So I guess it's up to you if you want to consider our two droids as working good or having problems due to rebooting at home only.
  6. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Well-Known Member


    To above post. keep me updated if u want me to switch or not
  7. jj3699

    jj3699 Well-Known Member

    HTC music widget working sporadically and everyonce in a while loses album art
    Camera freeze everyonce in while
    HTC photo frame widget (not reconizing pictures on SD card)

    Getting "new" not reburbished one from VZW soon will report on that device when it arrives and have time with it.
  8. Ufkal

    Ufkal Well-Known Member

    No issues
  9. DxJustin

    DxJustin Active Member

    Manufacture Date: 4/8/2010
    Received: 4/30/2010
    Life Counter: 474
    Done 4 Hard Resets and problems still occur
    -Call Quality Issues/Voice fades in and out sounding muffled
    -Phone Freezes
    -Randomly reboots in low signal areas
    -Camera will close after several pictures and open Pandora
    -Pandora will sometimes start playing after a text (using Handcent)
    -Stock Browser freezes the entire phone up
    -Stock Messages force closes a lot (which is why I'm using Handcent)
    -Sometimes when you try and change the background, it will force close repeatedly in a continual loop until you pull the battery
  10. tluv00

    tluv00 Well-Known Member

    Problems: Random Resets, I have had to factory reset twice (thanks to gmail), low signal
  11. droidslave

    droidslave Member

    4/11/10--no problems
  12. contagous

    contagous Well-Known Member

  13. mainebob

    mainebob Member

    Manufactured: 6/16/2010
    Activated(Warranty) 26/6/2010 17:44

    Works great... sucky battery life.
  14. Le0_Br4zUc4

    Le0_Br4zUc4 Well-Known Member

    04/03 I don't have issues with my dinc

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  15. houtx1

    houtx1 Active Member

    manufacture date 4/24/2010

    Problem with geolocation, quite often my Indredible shows Dali, China from my home in Monterrey, Mexico. I wish someone would come up with a fix for this. I've tried all the numerous tips and none have been unsuccessful. Other than that, I love my phone.
  16. mainebob

    mainebob Member

    I know that this question and my answer are off topic... and hopefully a moderator will move it to a better home.

    Try the App "GPS Status" I am using the free one...It shows the GPS satelites by numbers on a polar grid and your lat/longitude and compass. Recommended... -Bob O
  17. friend088

    friend088 Well-Known Member

    A couple of dead pixels in upper right hand corner that are rarely visible.
    Manager at Verizon said he would give me a new phone when a new shipment comes in.
    Hope he keeps his word. Apparently when I bought mine last month it was one of the last ones in Tampa Bay. He had to drive to another store to get it.
    I have a friend who used to work at that store and told me to call and ask for the manager.
    When I called he said they were out of DINCS. After I used my friend's name, he put me on hold and when he came back on the phone he told me he could get me one.
  18. BetaMan

    BetaMan Well-Known Member

    Good so far! Other than battery drains fast, but I think it's something I've installed that's doing that.
  19. XDaydreamerX11

    XDaydreamerX11 Well-Known Member

    3/31/10 Camera Freezes / Auto focus NOT working properly.

    Getting refurb on Monday. Excellent phone support from big V.
  20. SerialSarpins

    SerialSarpins Well-Known Member

    Manufacture Date 07.10.10-No problems yet...

    So...under hardware version it says 0002...what does this mean exactly? Are we starting to see LCD's? Either's a gorgeous color issues whatsoever...
  21. LT1

    LT1 New Member

    6/8/10- One issue. Phone kept rebooting. Did a factory data reset around 6/20 and I haven't had anymore reboot problems.
  22. lashby

    lashby New Member

    No issues
  23. DarbagDarbag

    DarbagDarbag Well-Known Member


    no problems

    INTREPID-NY Well-Known Member

    Manufactured Date: 4/4/2010
    Problems: Random Rebooting; Poor Voice Quality
  25. saralynne

    saralynne New Member

    Manufacter date 6/17/10
    Had since 6/26. Slight pink tint on white screen, not a dealbreaker for me.
    Porblems emailing & uploading video to social site
    s; says "file to large". Actually I'm looking to see if anyone else is having this problem.

    will return it if that is not fixable. Otherwise, love it!

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