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  1. Mr Biggz

    Mr Biggz New Member

    So I wake up this morning groggy and otherwise just tired so I check my Hero to see what time it is, 7 am. Great. Now I want to see when my first class is so i go into my calendar to see what I had lined up for the day and what do I find? All my times were moved back an hour!! Anybody else find this strange?

  2. mlissner

    mlissner New Member

    Yep - same problem here.
  3. mustang5o

    mustang5o Well-Known Member

    Had the same problem as well. Was just about to post the same. Are you syncing with Google Calendar or something else? I was wondering if it could be a Google issue or if it's with the phone. I'm inclined to think phone so something with how HTC is doing the calendar. I had the same issue when my phone jumped back an hour the week before.

    Oh yeah, I only use Google Calendar.
  4. mlissner

    mlissner New Member

    I'm on google calendar. I'm betting this is a display issue with the phone itself. Reading the same Google calendar into Thunderbird works fine, as does looking at it online.
  5. dcdttu

    dcdttu Well-Known Member

    Happening with my Exchange calendar entries as well.

    This phone has a unacceptable amount of bugs in it. Did it even have 1 hour of QA before they released it?

    Anyone know how to remedy this?

    Edit: Just called HTC. They are apparently aware of the error and there is no way they know to fix it until the 'patch' is released. Brilliant. Was this phone QA'd by a room of rabid Chimpanzees? lol
  6. BoomCackle

    BoomCackle Member

    no workaround yet? Usually there's someone on here with a quick fix.

    It's only for today though right? All future calendar entries are correct.
  7. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    Same here - all my appointments are off by 1 hour. This is an absolutely ridiculous bug. How can Android, HTC, etc expect to cater to business users when they have the most basic bugs like this? No wonder every business user I know has a Blackberry or iPhone.

    Thanks god the notifications were an hour early this time. Think what would happen if they were an hour late (in the summer switch).

  8. mustang5o

    mustang5o Well-Known Member

    I have recurring entries for every day of the week and they were all off. I had to go in and fix them all.
  9. mjw913

    mjw913 Member

    Ok, I am now totally confused. In addition to the time change, I also traveled from Chicago to San Francisco Monday. When I was on Windows Mobile, everything updated fine. Now it seems to be all over the map with Google Calendar. They key question is does the calendar update to the time zone on the phone?
  10. dcdttu

    dcdttu Well-Known Member

    Your phone, being a mobile device, should know the time zone it is in, and the time zone of each calendar entry, and adjust accordingly. But, being that this is the buggiest phone I have ever seen, it gets it all wrong...
  11. puffx0r

    puffx0r Active Member

    I use Google Calendar and I just checked my appointments and they're all the same. Not sure what's different between my phone and yours but again, I'm not having this problem.
  12. flexte

    flexte Well-Known Member

    I thought my appointments for the week looked a little strange. this is really bad. Chimpanzees could have done a better QC than the people that tested this phone. Its apparent they just give the phone to friends and family and say here ya go have fun with this new phone and let us know how it works.
  13. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

    I am having the same issue, however it is only affecting entried for this week.....Weird. Even reoccurring entries are wrong this week, but right from there on out.

    Can anyone else confirm if this is the same behavior that they are experiencing, or is it your whole calendar that is off by an out?

    Also, I called HTC, he had me run through toggling Time zones and forcing a calendar sync, none of that worked and he said he had no idea. He also stated that Tmobile had a similar problem on thier android phones, and if you called customer service, they had a fix right there before you even talked to and agent. Maybe Sprint has a similar issue, who knows. I will call them next and report back.

    Update: Spoke to Sprint CS and they have no idea what is causing the issue, but did acknowledge tjat there were many people calling in with the same issue.
  14. flexte

    flexte Well-Known Member

    Mine seems to be back to normal in about a week in a half
  15. mlissner

    mlissner New Member

    Yeah, I just spent a LONG time with both Sprint and HTC. Both are going to call me back shortly: Sprint to see if HTC could help (they couldn't), and HTC to escalate the issue. When I spoke to each of them, neither of them indicated that they knew anything about the issue, although the HTC guy said it was a known problem for the Windows phones as well.

    In any case, I believe we're at the stage where we wait.
  16. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Well-Known Member

    I wonder if this is just a sprint issue ?

    Of the 6 android users I know (2 mytouch and 4 G1s {2rooted}, none of them had any issues with the time change. They are also all with T-Mo.
  17. mlissner

    mlissner New Member

    I'd wager it's the Sense UI, since it implements its own calendar application...which would make it a Sprint issue, but more accurately a HTC Hero issue.
  18. geebee1932

    geebee1932 New Member

    It seems like this thread is somewhat old, but I have had this problem as well. Here is what I found out so far. When I click on event in my calendar it states that the location is a city in PST (I live in Denver MST). I think that when the time changed, the calendar did not recognise the change. The phone itself has the correct city and time, it is just the calendar.

    I also get multiple alarms for appointments. I have to acknowledge the reminder several times before it stops reappearing. Anyone else with this issue? Love the phone however!
  19. Syphon

    Syphon Well-Known Member

    What I have learned playing with this is if the calendar entry is from prior the time change, it will not show up correctly. I had to basically delete all my reoccurring and re add them. This was both for my Exchange account at work and my Google Calendar. Not really a solution I am happy with, but I hope they come out with a fix with this before the next time change, because this will get old fast!
  20. olhoni

    olhoni Member

    I've had some time issues today with my Samsung Exclaim via the Sprint network here in Orlando, and it's not a smartphone. At home the time was an hour later than what it should be in route to work it corrected then at my desk it showed the wrong time then correct and toggled back and forth on it's own between the times...very glad I wore my watch today.

    It seems to have stablized but now I don't trust the clock on my cellphone at all.

    Not sure it helps or not but the phones do pull the time from the nearest towers right?
  21. doanius

    doanius Active Member

    You're still in dreamland. None of this is real. In about 4 hours, the alarm will wake you up *again. :)
  22. bigkahuna

    bigkahuna Active Member

    I found my calendar and clock to be off because I use task killer and turned off clock & calendar. So the only time it would get updated is when i awake the phone..
  23. doanius

    doanius Active Member

    Personally, I removed the task killers from my phone and it's working flawlessly. Only a slight slow down once in a while but once the internal android memory management takes care of business, everything speeds up again.

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