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  1. Kosley

    Kosley New Member

    With Daylight Saving Time going into effect I thought my phone would automatically go forward an hour since it automatically went back an hour last fall but it didn't. Now my phone is an hour behind along with all my calender events and I can't figure out how to manually set the time ahead an hour. I'm running Android version 2.3.4

  2. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Have you tried restarting the phone? If that didn't work, try pulling the battery and holding down the power button for 30 seconds and then boot it again.

    Mine updated the first time I ran Go Weather.
  3. ODGeek

    ODGeek Well-Known Member

    I put mine in "Airplane Mode" and then back "off" and the clock adjusted when the signal came back...Curious that the clock didn't set itself automatically...
  4. Kosley

    Kosley New Member

    It took about 5 restarts but it finally updated. Thanks for the help

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