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DaysBefore - New Event Countdown Application

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  1. daysbefore

    daysbefore New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 8, 2010
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    I've just posted my first app 'DaysBefore' to the Android Market place.

    "DaysBefore is an event countdown / reminder application with a widget."


    • Simple, easy to use interface.
    • High quality icons.
    • Different types of event. e.g.. Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary.
    • Ability to add, modify and delete events.
    • Events split into Today, Soon and Past sections.
    • Birthday and Anniversary events automatically re-occur.
    • Widget shows the next event with the number of days left. This is displayed colour coded depending on how soon. Green = ages away; Amber = < 7 days; Red = > 3 days.
    • Notifications sent every day from 3 days before event until day of event. (Configurable)
    Enjoy! Comments/Feature suggestions welcome.


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