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  1. glitz521

    glitz521 New Member

    Hello. Id like to use a list picker to to narrow down a list of venues (rows) to match search criteria that are defined by various attributes (Column). The list result would be the venues that match the search criteria. Then, each Venue would have its own page that displays all attributes for that venue.

    EX: Venues: place 1, place 2, place 3, ect
    Attributes: City, Restaurant (yes/no), Open late (yes/no), ect

    User searches for a place that is a restaurant in selected city that is not open late-- And gets a list of all venues that match up to that query.

    I already have a db (in xls, sqlite, mysql, and fusion tables format) and dont need option for a user to "enter" or write info. (only search and view)


  2. PavementPilot

    PavementPilot Well-Known Member

    Look into the fusiontables section of app inventor. I have tried playing with it, but find it beyond my skills at the moment.

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