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  1. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    Oh hai guise! Remember me? No???? Well some of you may. I was very active in the LG Optimus M section.

    I'm am addicted to DC Universe Online on the PS3.

    Does anyone here play that may want to join up for duos, alerts or what not? I even have a Villain League, REIGNxINxBLOOD. My main toon's name is xSinistaRx.

    If anyone's interested hit me up here or in game. I'm from the US so of course I'm on USPS3 server.

  2. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    No? Ok. Not the PS3 or MMO type here I guess. :\
  3. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    I'm hardcore hooked on this game, but I play on the PC side.

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