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  1. Hook33

    Hook33 New Member

    Has anyone been able to de-bing the OTA 2.2 without using a custom ROM? I know I can use the google search app, however I'd like to be able to change the search soft key to google.

  2. AlissaLL3

    AlissaLL3 Well-Known Member

    Here's your Verizon Fascinate Google search fix (update with even more fixed) | Android Central

    This should still work on 2.2 as I used this method (previous files already on my sd card) to remove Bing from my 2.2 =)

    I haven't read this article in a long while but, I personally use Titanium Backup to freeze and remove the app. Once the Google Search APK is installed, the search button and voice search use Google not Bing. Yay!
  3. stevevt

    stevevt Active Member

    I can confirm that installing the Enhanced Google Search apk linked in that thread DOES NOT WORK. You will get lots of Force Close errors, and if you're like me, you'll be lucky if you have enough control of your phone to uninstall it.

    I know you were trying to be helpful, and I'm just posting so no one makes the same mistake I made.

    Along the same lines, I'd be interested in hearing if there's a current solution for making the Search button long-press do a Google voice search. (Currently, mine does nothing.)
  4. lkdavis

    lkdavis Member

    I changed the home page on the soft browser key to Not a perfect solution, but one that saves my frustration level from getting too high
  5. Hook33

    Hook33 New Member

    Got the soft key changed to Google. Long press does nothing, but I'm OK with that. Voice search is just an extra tap on the microphone icon once the search menu comes up. Just like in 2.1 adding .old at the end of the Bing apps to still works. These are the ones I renamed using the free app Super Manager:


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