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Dead As a Duck DockAccessories

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  1. EarsToVanGogh

    EarsToVanGogh Active Member

    My dock died! I put the Xoom on the dock last night to charge and saw this morning that it's still at 14% power. I tried repositioning, unplugging/replugging, etc. Thank goodness for that little pronged charger. Hmpf.:mad:

    (Okay - not thrilled, but I'll see about exchanging it soon... I licked the prongy thing on the power cord and plugged it back into the dock base. Voila! Magic tongue? Perhaps.) :)

  2. EarsToVanGogh

    EarsToVanGogh Active Member

    Dang thing did it again. Is anyone else having trouble docking? It's not easy to get it settled onto the dock correctly and then sometimes it doesn't want to charge. I have to just wiggle stuff around. Poopy dock.

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