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    Dec 8, 2011
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    I've had my Incredible since March. It was rooted after purchase. Its "computer" function was fine. (CyanogenMod: one month ago transitioned from LauncherPro to GO Launcher EX to fix issues)

    A couple of days ago I started noticing strange behavior during phone calls (Verizon service). I'd place a call (with Dialer One), and the screen would display normal (dialing, call time counting, etc.), and the speaker would go dead silent. No sound, not even a ring. I would end the call and try calling again and the call would be normall.

    Just now, I got a call: it rang, I answered it, and there was no sound again! I called back, and the phone worked! I asked if the caller had just called me? They said "yes." I asked, "what happened?" They said they placed the call experienced no sound after it rang a couple times. I am guessing this means my mic is also going dead during some calls.

    One other thing. Could this issue I am having be related to another issue I am having? About the same time the speaker problem began, a problem with the locking/unlocking method during the call began. I had the screen set to sleep when the phone was in an upright position during calls. It would go to sleep, and when I held it horizontal to end the call or dial in numbers for menu options, I would not be able to wake the screen. I would press the power button, and the phone would either not turn on, or turn off as soon as I unlocked the screen.

    Do you have any idea what is causing these issues? Hardware, software? Has anyone ever heard of such a problem?



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