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Dead S II...HELP???Support

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  1. easdc

    easdc Member

    Hi all. Just thought I would try here while fingers crossed and phone plugged in. ATT stock SII. Was at 98% battery at midnight, went to bed and this morning, the phone is dead (or comatose). No response from the power button. Currently it is plugged in, in my hope that a charge will revive it.

    But it has now been about 45 minutes plugged in and still will not turn on. Typically, if the battery dies over night, while not plugged in. I am always awoken by the low battery notification sound. Did not hear it last night. Bad sign.

    FYI, no ICS, but I did do the update. Battery life has been "OK", cycling between what I would call good for a few weeks to crappy for a few days. Only some photos would be lost but I would rather have them.

    So I am writing to a) ask for any ideas and b) give you all a heads up!.


  2. easdc

    easdc Member

    False alarm. After about an hour and a half plugged in, I was finally able to power it on...and it read 1% battery. Disaster averted, but now it makes me really wonder about my battery. Midnight full, 100% completely dead by 0730 just sitting there while I slept. Pretty pathetic.
  3. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Well-Known Member

    download CPUspy from the store and check if the phone is going to deep sleep or not (while unplugged). Some apps will keep the phone awake for some stupid reason and battery consumption will go up to the roof... If you find such app (by trial and error while looking at CPUspy) then get rid of it. I also heard there is an app called watchdog that does a similar thing, but it tells you which running process is the issue (I liked the trial and error better with CPUspy though...)
  4. ch229151

    ch229151 Well-Known Member

    Good thing I looked at this post! The same thing just happened to me and I was ready to drive an hour to a service center. I waited about 20 minutes and held down the power button. Sure enough the screen came on and it's said 1%

    I HATE this phone. After IcS this thing has turned into headache.

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