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  1. Kaylesh

    Kaylesh Well-Known Member

    Wondering if anyone else has had a problem. Since the phone is soo new I'm wondering if the issue is affecting others..
    I came out of work today .. went to get my lovely new as of this past friday Xperia S to find it dead as a door nail .. :mad: Had about 80 % when i last looked at it before it went into my bag. Tried using my car charger NADA.. nothing. no indicator light etc.. Tried the mains charger when i got in still NADA..
    Called Orange and a new one is being delivered tommorrow night.. Im sooo gutted i was just starting to have fun playing about with it not even had time to find out what it can do..
    Anyone else have one that has died unexpectantly?????

  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    holy crap, man that sucks.
    I ain't had anything like that happen -Touch wood- had two restarts though which was a little odd.

    I assume you tried leaving it on charge for a while?
  3. Kaylesh

    Kaylesh Well-Known Member

    You assume correct :).. and yep it sucks.. grrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Let me know how it goes
  5. jaseuk

    jaseuk Well-Known Member

    Not had or heard of this problem specifically with the Xperia Kaylesh, I would take it back or else you'll be wondering when this will happen again.
  6. gabbyevs

    gabbyevs Well-Known Member

    doesnt sound good
  7. Kaylesh

    Kaylesh Well-Known Member

    Per my post above.. new one coming tommorrow night (Thurs) :) .. Not a matter of it happening again. Its dead. Not doing a thing.. Can't even get stuff i put on it off as it won't turn on,no power light nothing. Orange say they've not had any problems like this yet.. So hopefully i just a blip in the batch one..
  8. DerkVonUber

    DerkVonUber New Member

    I had exactly the same problem a few days ago.....I went to play with my new toy but alas nothing happened. Tried to speak to the so called technical Help on the sony mobile site....About as much use as a chocolate teapot!!!!:D

    Any way aftermuch panicking and trawling the tinterweb for advice....still no joy :eek:

    Then I had my eureka moment and remembered back to my Iphone days - (sorry for using the forbidden word!!!!)

    I thought what would happen if you hold all buttons down????

    After around 6 seconds the phone vibrated:) I then pressed the power button and as if by magic the phone was back up and running with nothing effected:D:D:D (this meant the wife was happy as well!!!!)

    I think this is some sort of jump start/ reboot for the phone but since then it has been working fine!!

    Try it and let me know
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  9. jaseuk

    jaseuk Well-Known Member

    I had two restarts too! They were on day 2 and maybe 3 but has been fine ever since, didn't think about it as my ip4 also sometimes froze so I guessed if a optimised os like Apple's can do it a open source os like android would do the same. But as I say the phone has got smoother and longer lasting every day.

    Edit: Oh I read somewhere that if you may be able to force a restart by holding down vol down and power button for up to 30 secs and it will restart.
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  10. Kaylesh

    Kaylesh Well-Known Member

    Tried this and still nada.. glad the new one will be on its way tonight.. Feel weird without a mobile to use and okay play with lolol
  11. teamdel

    teamdel New Member

    I have just suffered the same problem. I was on the phone to my Wife, tried to increase the volumne and nothing changed. Then there was no display even though I was still in call. After call phone was dead, nothing.
    A google search brought me here and I tried the hold all buttons. It was hard to hold down the whole volume button at first but once I did the phone vibrated once quickly followed by three more vibrates and after a few more seconds came back to life at which point I let go of the buttons.
    All my contacts and settings were held on the phone.
    Thanks Keylesh
  12. roucou008

    roucou008 New Member

    I just experienced the same thing. Just got my Experia S yesterday and was so happy playing with it. The battery was a bit low so decided to charge it. I don't know how but it suddenly shut down and there was only a red light at the top left of the screen on. I tried putting it on but it wouldn't, tried connecting it to the laptop but to no avail. I was so freaked out since i bought the phone online in UK and i live in another country. I finally tried googling the problem and i was brought here. I tried what the above user said about holding down all the buttons and it actually worked. The phone is back on and i hope it stays that way.

    Thanks for the tip!
  13. bayhota

    bayhota Well-Known Member

    mine has frozen a few times, but after the reset it works fine.
  14. creamykiwi

    creamykiwi New Member

    Intriguing, mine did the same today (I only got it yesterday) and as I was near the 3 shop I'd bought it from, I just went back and got them to change it. Had a strop at losing my messages and photos, but now have a new one and am crossing my fingers it won't do it again. But at least now I know how to restart it!
  15. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Mine gets backed up every few days now via media go.
    Soon as my phone connects to the same wifi as my pc, media go opens and syncs
  16. Vanille

    Vanille New Member

    Thanks soo much!!! xoxoxo
  17. ThexperiaS

    ThexperiaS New Member

    Thanks guys for the info. My Xperia S gave up the ghost today. No response, no LEDs, no charging up, just a black screen. After reading the advice about restarting the phone, I pressed the on button together with the volume up button. Hey presto! Eventually the phone vibrated and sprang into life again. And it appears to have retained all its settings. :)
  18. gamers.wc

    gamers.wc Member

    DerkVonUber you're the MAN, thank you so much!
    I got my xperia s a week ago and today I connected it to a computer and Sony Pc companion alerted me that new update is available, I clicked ok, after some time my phone died and I couldn't turn it on, I was so screwed; I saw what you have written and it helped!
    Thank you again!
    p.s. Sorry for my English
  19. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Did no one actually read the quick guide that came with the phone?

    Power and volume button reset was the first thing I read lol
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  20. wellsy1982

    wellsy1982 New Member

    Wow! So glad i read this! Thanks so much! My phone exact same problem & this fixed it, amazing! Thank you!! :eek:)
  21. nair

    nair New Member

    the same thing happened to me. I tried to update the software and it just went dead. But unfortunatelly, I have to say, for me, pressing all the buttuns didn't do anything! :(
  22. impendinglee

    impendinglee New Member

  23. zombie37

    zombie37 New Member

    Thank you very much man , you saved my day
  24. debsmadcat

    debsmadcat New Member

    Just found this thread through google....had my phone for a few months with no issues at all so far.....yesterday I tried to do the update, which wouldnt work.
    The phone continued to work fine for most of the day, sent and received texts last night, went to pick phone up and its died, no response at all?
    Nothing happens when I connect it to the charger, however when I connect the USB cable to the computer I get a red light on the phone, but the computer (PC companion software) doesnt recognise the phone?
    Tried the reset settings as above but nothing happened?
    I have a LOT of stuff on this phone that I dont want to lose!
  25. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

    Press and hold volume up and the power button at the same time for about 15 seconds, your phone should vibrate 3 times, when it does it's turned off, leave it for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on and you should be ok.
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