Deadly Mafia Free Online Browser Based RPG For Android

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    Jan 23, 2010
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    We have made our new RPG to be downloaded with any android mobile phones.

    This game is a mafia based based muliplayer game were you can:

    • Do Crimes
    • Train In the Gym
    • Join A Gang
    • Build Buildings
    • Search The Streets
    • Smuggle Drugs
    • Gamble
    • Hunt
    • Buy Houses
    • Get Married to another user
    • Create Shops
    • Upgrade Account
    And much much more!

    Can Be downloaded at:

    Andro Library

    Deadly Mafia Free Online RPG v1.0 Game for Android | Casual

    Android Zoom

    Deadly Mafia Free Online RPG for Android :: Casual Game -

    The Game is always upgraded with features and compatibility views!


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