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  1. rubyiris

    rubyiris Active Member

    All cricket phones I have had in the past have deadzones in Tucson, AZ. I get 1 bar, or no coverage in ANY of the following buildings:

    Government Buildings (Schools, Social Security Office, DES, etc.)
    Certain types of houses. (generally the further east, the worse off.)

    Also for those familiar with Tucson, anywhere east of Wilmot RD I get increasingly lower and lower service until around Houghton where I lose the signal entirely, plus anywhere east of there I have no service (Sierra Vista, for example.)

    My main concern for keeping my existing service is:

    Are my deadzones phone specific? If I buy a LG Optimus C, will I have deadzones in the same place? I am going to be a dorm student for the next year in a current deadzone and if Cricket has problems with this area, and Virgin Mobile doesn't, is it worth keeping the Cricket service for the insurance (only reason I'm even debating this lolz.)

    If I'm unable to use my phone in the building, I don't think the phone insurance will be worth only being able to use my phone after 4 PM, but only until 10 PM (curfew.)

    Someone please let me know if they have experienced similar problems, and if the LG Optimus C will have the same problems as other cricket phones I have owned.

  2. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    The phone insurance is pretty much a rip-off anyway. They still charge you like $80 for a new phone. If the phone is only $130 I would rather take my chances.
  3. mshuman77

    mshuman77 Active Member

    I live in Pennsville, NJ about 2 blocks from a store that sells Cricket phones, have had the Huawei Ascend for about a year and they're service for 5 years and let me tell u its getting worse. Used to have great service, now I can watch my 3G go in and out without moving and I'm outside! Love my phone and have insurance but I'm seriously considering a carrier switch.
  4. I live in Dayton oh I have not had that much problems to far. But I will dais this much cricket has come a long way sense I left them over 5 years ago.
  5. wingnut2626

    wingnut2626 Active Member

    Hi i live in claymont, de and have had no problems with coverage here or in wilmington or philadelphia.
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