Death of my Triumph

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  1. LoneSnark

    LoneSnark Well-Known Member

    well, after a month of the U9000 ROM working wonderfully, it seemed to eat itself (whatever programs I would run would instantly close). Went into CWM to clear all the respective memories and re-install this rom from the zip file. ROM was reloaded, rebooted, and sat there at the motorola logo for half an hour.
    Okay, hmm, guess that isn't going to work. Good thing I have actual backups! Woops, no I don't: MD5 checksum mismatch on every CWM backup I have, including my backup of the stock rom.
    Downloaded a CWM backup of someone elses stock, which passes MD5 but hangs on "Restoring system..."

    well, this is great. I think the phone is just dead. I don't see how it could possibly be the ROM's fault. Hardware failure, manufacturer's fault, warranty time, but CWM loads so there is no chance of them not figuring out it was modded when it failed.

    finally, okay, CWM successfully installed this from zip:
    And now get an image of the green android with an exclamation mark-sign above his heat, presumably denoting the "dead" status of my phone. No boot loader will load, but it no longer looks modded so I think I'm fine to return it for warranty replacement now :(

  2. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Sounds like the SD. Backup the SD by copying to PC, format it and then copy the backup back over. See if that fixes it and lets you load a ROM.
  3. LoneSnark

    LoneSnark Well-Known Member

    I thought it might have been my 32GB SD. So when I finally got home I switched to using a 16GB SD card, it was then I successfully installed the unroot zip. CMW said it installed correctly, but upon reboot it gives the broken-Android screen and I can't get it to do anything else as CWM is gone, as we expect. So I don't think it was the SD card.

    The 32GB SD card receives a clean bill of health from windows, for what it is worth.

    As for the MD5's being wrong, that might be my fault as I moved them from an old card to this new card, renaming the directory in the process. I suspect this mishandling caused the MD5's to fail and not the SD card.
  4. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    Hmm I have an idea. Pull the battery for five seconds. Then boot into download mode. Grab a CWM recovery image from b_randon14's thread and copy it over into the proper directory. Then, redownload your favorite ROM and flash the zip from CWM. Let me know if you need more details.
  5. bmanzana

    bmanzana Member

    thats what did it, ive seen it befor with my back ups. you renamed the directories . if you know the old names and can rename them then there wont be a md5 sum missmatch any more. you can reinstall cwm through adb antd try to restore from those back ups after that. but it sounds like you intend to warranty the device any way.
  6. LoneSnark

    LoneSnark Well-Known Member

    Well, yes, I can put CWM back on - but I was unable to recover the device when CWM was on there, I was thankful I was able to get it off for sake of the warranty. Putting it back on without knowing what was wrong would be silly - as it might not let me get it back to stock again, jeopardizing my warranty with no hope of it saving the phone.
  7. bmanzana

    bmanzana Member

    if you get the names right i can guaranty no md5sum mismaches, and cwm can be removed through adb just as readily as it can be installed. however if you honestly belive there are bigger hardware issues then yah just warranty it.
  8. LoneSnark

    LoneSnark Well-Known Member

    New phone is here and been working great for several days. Thanks again to g60 and MTDEV-UNROOT =)

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