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  1. Nat77

    Nat77 Member

    Hi everyone. I have been debating between Virgin Mobile's $35.month plan (300 mins, Unlimited Text, 2.5gb Data) with an LG Optimus Elite ($149) OR T-Mobile's $30/month plan (100 mins., Unlimited Text, 5gb Data) with a Samsung Exhibit II 4G. I am leaning towards the T-Mobile plan as I need more data. I rarely use a cell to talk; more for text and internet (data). I have an HTC Inspire that was used with AT&T, but that service was disconnected due to they charge waaaaay too much. I thought about getting the phone unlocked and using it on the T-Mobile plan, but then I found out that the speeds will be different (no 3G/4G) as it was set up for AT&T. So I'll just end up selling that phone and using the $ towards whatever choice I make between Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile. With all that being said, what is your opinions on the T-Mobile $30 plan and the Samsung Exhibit II 4G? Thanks in advance. =)

  2. RedFive2012

    RedFive2012 Member

    I started with the T-Mobile $50 Monthly4G plan, which is unlimited talk and text, with 100MB 4G bandwidth. Burned through the 4G cap pretty quick. So I bought another SIM card and activated it on the $30 100min talk/unlimited text/5GB 4G plan, and am now on my 2nd month of that plan, so far so good. I use Google Voice, so I have GrooVeIP installed for calls when I'm on WiFi, usually works pretty well. Technically it can also be used over 4G, but in my area I can move from 4G to EDGE pretty quickly just getting from my house to the main parts of town. So far I haven't gone over the 100min talk cap when I'm away from WiFi.
  3. Nat77

    Nat77 Member

    Thanks for the info.! I'm glad that plan is working well for you. I never really thought about making calls over Wi-Fi. Good idea! It will save on minutes. I rarely use minutes though, so hopefully it won't be a big deal. But ya never know. =/ So, what phone are you using?
  4. felunk

    felunk Active Member

    I've been on the 30/mn for about 6 months now, love the service, on my rooted exhibit I've been tethering with no warnings like I got with AT&T...note tmobile network is very poor generally, so depending on your location results will vary greatly. I get 4g here in Dallas but if there is an event with an overloaded network or I'm driving across state tmobile is god awful, but for the price I can't complain how rare that is for me...and grooveIP is really not usable unless you have a perfect data signal(not moving either) so don't count on that to supplement your 100 min. The Samsung exhibit is a cheap phone and is buggy but if your a semi tech guy and root or install a custom rom you can make shit shine. Any tmobile 4g phone will work though, so if rooting is a concern you can hit Craigslist for a similar deal on a better phone.
  5. RedFive2012

    RedFive2012 Member

    I bought a lightly-used Exhibit 2 off eBay, paid less than half the price of a brand new one. The Samsung Precedent I bought from Straight Talk wasn't compatible with T-Mobile, and was barely usable as an Android device on top of that. I still need to sell it off and get back some of the $130 I paid for it.
  6. RedFive2012

    RedFive2012 Member

    Also, the Exhibit 2 is a T-Mobile UMA phone, meaning that even normal phone calls will go over wifi if you're connected, no need for a separate VoIP app. But those calls do use minutes, so Groove IP is quite helpful in that regard.
  7. mikeallen2112

    mikeallen2112 New Member

    I got mine brand new at walmart for $130. I just said that target had it for $130 lol

    I was on straight talk but after using 3gb of data 3 months in a row they shut my phone off for "excesive data usage" I called them up first two guys said they couldnt help me. Third person got me a full refund of the phone i had purchased the nokia e71(also at walmart said target had it for 130 Straight talk gave me 200 refund for it) and since i was only a week into my new plan the refunded the $45 for the phone card. I used that money to get the tmobile $30 4g plan and couldnt be happier
  8. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm on the Tmobile $30 plan and it's working great. Data speeds are pretty good compared to what I got on Boost. My 3G speeds on Boost were abysmal at about 40-50 kbps. Now, on TMobile, I get about 2-3 Mbps throughout the city, not just at my house, plus the monthly cost is cheaper. It's a no brainer for me.

    I got my phone for $110 used on Ebay in close to mint condition. No scratches or scuff marks. Highly surprised! Screen is clear. Back and sides look brand new.

    Talkatone or GrooveIP (w/Google Voice) means VOIP so my minutes aren't affected.
  9. ragnarkar

    ragnarkar Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering if you use Skype (with the cheaper minutes on your Skype account) to make phone calls over 4G on a ROOTED Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, you will be deducted minutes on your T-mobile account.

    I've confirmed that I'm able to do this on my rooted EVO V 4G from Virgin Mobile.

    A friend of mine, currently using T-mobile, is considering this plan for her first smartphone.. being able to use Skype to continue to make calls cheaply after using up the 100 minutes will make this plan worthwhile.
  10. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't use Skype for regular phone calls but isn't it free for skype to skype only? Otherwise I think you have to buy minutes to call non skype phones. I may be wrong. If it's true, then I might as well buy minutes on Tmobile or upgrade my plan.
  11. ragnarkar

    ragnarkar Well-Known Member

    True, but vastly exaggerated.

    She already has a Skype plan on her PC to make unlimited calls to all US numbers for about $2.99/mo.

    I've been using one too since 2009 in lieu of a landline.

    What does $3 get you from T-mobile? 30 meager minutes?
  12. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

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